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Make the Switch this Vapril 2020

Make the Switch this Vapril 2020
One of the biggest months in the vaping calendar is here once again! In the spirit of Vapril we want to share some of our best advice for making the switch and ensuring your Vaping journey is a successful one!

Tips to Kickstart Your Vaping Journey

One of the biggest months in the vaping calendar is here once again! In the spirit of Vapril we want to share some of our best advice for making the switch and ensuring your Vaping journey is a successful one!

I want to try vaping, but where do I start?

With so many devices and e-liquids to choose from it can be daunting for new vapers to know where to begin. Everyone has an opinion but ultimately only you can decide what works!

We think there's only one logical choice!

If you want to make the switch, keeping these points in mind will help you make the right choice:

What kind of smoker were you?

To successfully switch, it is vital to ensure your chosen nicotine strength meets your needs. Former heavy smokers will find more success with high strength products like 12 & 18mg, enjoying greater nicotine satisfaction and a harsher throat-hit more akin to their old habits. Lighter smokers are better opting for lower strength 3 & 6mg e-liquids, as these will satisfy their cravings without being overwhelming. If you are still unsure, we recommend starting low and working your way up until you find the right level, it’s perfectly natural to experiment before finding your ideal.

Should I vape 50/50 or HVG?

There are two preferences to consider here: nicotine strength and cloud production. You have no doubt seen plenty of vapers blowing massive clouds – these people are using HVG e-liquid, like our Elite High VG rangeHVG juice is thicker and big on flavour but typically only comes in 0, 3 or 6mg nicotine strengths. If you want something stronger, then HVG e-liquid is likely not for you. 50/50 e-liquids are the most common choice for beginners, offering a full range of strengths to suit most needs. They are thinner and produce less vapour, but are optimised for higher strengths, delivering the satisfaction and harsher throat hit sought-after by recent ex-smokers, making them a natural starting point for vaping converts. Many vapers move on to HVG e-liquids later in their journey but when starting out, 50/50 juices offer the best odds for a successful switch.

What device should I use?

There are thousands of vaping devices out there, but they are divided into two clear camps – Standard and Sub-ohm. Sub-ohm devices are not a popular go-to for recent converts and are typically only compatible with HVG juices. Often bigger and more cumbersome than standard devices, they are more typically used by seasoned and hobbyist vapers as opposed to those seeking simple satisfaction of their cravings. Standard devices are compatible with 50/50 e-liquids and are typically smaller and more practical than sub-ohm kits making them a preferred choice for converts. There is a great selection of starter devices found within this category like our own EDGE Pro – these offer new vapers simple, reliable solutions to help kickstart their vaping journeys. Those seeking something even more convenient should consider pod systems – these are often uber-compact ergonomic kits, that utilise disposable liquid-filled pods rather than a refillable tank. Their simple on-the-go style resonates with many new vapers and gives them a discreet way to make the switch, taking up no more room in a pocket or bag than a packet of cigarettes used to. We recommend keeping it simple and trying our EDGE GO pod system or EDGE Pro device when making the switch – remember to check that your chosen device is compatible with your chosen e-liquid to maximise your chances of success!

What flavour should I choose?

This is really up to you – but finding a flavour that works is vital to a successful switch! There is something for everyone out there but keep an eye on what you buy. Quality can differ between brands so to maximise your chances of finding a winner, we recommend only buying from reputable companies that are fully compliant. When choosing a flavour, keep your needs in mind – if you have just stopped smoking you are likely to get more satisfaction from tobacco flavours rather than fruits or desserts! The key here is experimenting; try as many as possible to find that perfect flavour for you – we’ve all got one! Our EDGE range was recently found to have 23 of the top 25 most sought-after e-liquid flavours in the UK (Retail News) – so why not start by checking it out? We’d love you to take those first steps with us!

We know it’s hard to make the switch and even harder to stick with it. At EDGE, we pride ourselves on giving you the tools you need to make that switch successfully, fostering your vaping journey from infancy to maturity. From 50/50 to HVG, standard to sub-ohm – no matter your chosen path, walk it with EDGE.

Check out our exclusive Vapril offers and make the switch today!

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