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What are EDGE Nicotine Salts?

What are EDGE Nicotine Salts?
We recently added a brand-new line of products to our EDGE range – Nic Salts! But how do they differ from our core range of e-liquids?

We recently added a brand-new line of products to our EDGE range – Nic Salts! But how do they differ from our core range of e-liquids?

As you may already know, e-liquids produced with nicotine in a salt form have a slightly different chemical structure to freebase nicotine, the form which we add to our existing EDGE e-liquids. By using this form of nicotine, as opposed to freebase nicotine, we can create a high-strength vape liquid without the harshness on the throat found in other 18mg e-liquids. At this high strength, these liquids are designed to blast those cravings right away.

You might be curious as to what nic salts actually are. We use the same nicotine you usually vape, but this time it’s combined with what’s known as a “salt acid,” a perfectly harmless treatment to the nicotine which changes the way your body interacts with it once it’s ingested. There are a number of different salt acid out there that change nicotine in different ways.

After many hours in the lab, we finally settled on one that ticks all the boxes, in particular for taste and safety. Our chosen nic salt, Nicotine Ditartrate, has a minimal taste that doesn’t interfere with the flavours of our e-liquids, so we can really get the most out of our unique recipes. High strength no longer means low flavour. Our lab tests also confirmed that Ditartrate gives the smoothest and most satisfying nicotine hit, making our range perfect for those needing a super satisfying vape.

Made specially for our EDGE nic salts range, we’ve created two brand new flavours that make the most of the high strength and bold taste available to nic salt e-liquids.

STL-Red is a recreation of the unique taste of a particular classic British cigarette brand, complete with a strong taste that’s just like the real thing. Not for the faint-hearted, STL-Red is certainly a boldly smoky flavour!

MBO Green is another tobacco flavour, this time developed with the menthol cigarettes of a classic American brand in mind. Its real tobacco taste with the hint of mint is one you’ll immediately recognise if you used to smoke classic menthol cigarettes.

Along with our two new Real Tobacco flavours, the range is completed by 3 flavours developed from our existing core range; our famous Heizen blend, our classic forest fruits and finally, the bold and refreshing Very Menthol.

If you are looking for a vape that’s supremely satisfying but don’t want that harsh throat-hit associated with high-strength liquids, look no further than EDGE Nic Salts. Ideal for new vapers that need that cigarette-like experience, these are the e-liquids for you.

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