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What is the Menthol Ban?

What is the Menthol Ban?


26% of UK smokers use Menthol tobacco products

The Menthol Ban came into effect on the 20th May 2020. As you may already know, this new amendment to consumer law forces all retailers, both in-store and online, to cease the sale of menthol tobacco-related products. 

Menthol flavoured cigarettes and tobacco have been proven to make the smoking habit easier to pick-up, creating new smokers and ultimately slowing the progression towards a smoke-free society. The ban represents the latest step taken by government to urge smokers to ditch cigarettes once and for all. 

What will be affected in the ban?  

The new restitutions prohibit the sale and manufacture of menthol-related cigarette products. That includes menthol filters, mentholated tobacco and any product that includes a flavoured component that allows the user to modify the taste of a tobacco product. 

Thankfully, the ban does not impact vape devices or e-liquid products. You will still be able to purchase all your favourite e-liquids after this point. 

What does it mean for Menthol Smokers? 

26% of UK smokers use menthol tobacco products. Due to the nature of these consumers aversion to traditional tobacco tastes, it is quite likely that many menthol smokers will turn to new products as an alternative – the most obvious of which are vaping products. 

Making the switch to vaping means consumers will be able to satisfy their need for nicotine while still enjoying having a range of menthol-related flavours to choose from. From the tastes of pure mint to unique mentholated flavour combinations, vaping offers familiarity and convenience for anyone still looking for an alternative to menthol tobacco.

What are my vaping options with EDGE? 

We've been big fans of menthol flavours since the beginning, and our current e-liquid range presents a host of suitable alternatives for the menthol smoker. 

EDGE Cartomisers

If you're wanting to replicate the feel of a menthol cigarette as closely as possible, our cartomiser range offers a strikingly familiar experience – simply attach a menthol flavoured e-liquid cartomiser to the battery and inhale – the device will deliver a cooling and satisfying vapour. Cartomisers are ideal for anyone who wants to keep the transition away from smoking as simple as possible. 


Similarly, our EDGE GO device offers an effortless vaping solution for anyone moving away from menthol tobacco products. Much like the cartomiser, a user just needs to pop in a pod and inhale. Available in a range of flavours, the GO is charged by USB and fits neatly in your pocket. Designed with convenience at its centre, a new pod or new flavour can be swapped out with a click. 


If you want to delve deeper into e-liquids, look no further than the EDGE Pro device. We've kept it simple at EDGE, producing a one-size-fits-all vaping device that's as reliable as it is easy to use. The Pro grants you access to the full range of EDGE E-liquids, from menthol blends, familiar tobacco flavours and even more adventurous flavours you might find particularly tantalising for your taste buds. 

EDGE have more exciting products on the horizon for ex-menthol smokers and current vapers alike. If you are taking the menthol ban as an opportunity to move away from tobacco completely, we wish you all the best in your new smoke-free lifestyle. 

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