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The HYBRID was designed with attention to detail for a seamless switch from smoking to vaping. From the patented crushball filter to the curated starter packs, every feature of the HYBRID is designed o help quitters win. This is our profile on this uniquely innovative device.


Best features

Research indicated 37% of smokers who have tried vaping as a means to quitting were put off by the hard, unfamiliar mouthpiece. The HYBRID is a world first, incorporating an ultra-fine, microfibre filter tip with an optional menthol crushball into a vaping device. Powered by an 830mAh battery, the device can effortlessly power all-day vaping. The soft-touch exterior of the device and perfectly balanced weight makes holding the device ergonomic and instantly comfortable, even to a totally new user. The HYBRID starter packs help make the experience of starting even easier by incorporating everything you need to get started. The leak-free pod system makes pods simple and fuss-free to replace.

Flavour range

One device, 3 big flavours. The HYBRID pods available were chosen to introduce new vapers to key flavours which blend well with the menthol crushball and the starter pack contains one of each. British Tobacco is our best-seller which delivers a remarkably smooth and satisfying flavour experience. Very Menthol delivers a punchy menthol hit which can be maximised with the menthol crushball. Blackcurrant brings intense fruitiness and introduces new users to a flavour they won’t have experienced in cigarettes. 

Nicotine strengths

Designed for new quitters, pods come in two strengths: 12mg and 18mg. To give new quitters the best chance of a smooth transition from smoking to vaping, the starter kit contains 18mg nicotine pods which is a high strength option. Pods are available to repurchase at 12mg and 18mg.

How it works

The dynamic body of the device holds the battery and is charged from the base. The whole device splits into two halves in order to simply click in the e-liquid pod. The two halves come back together with magnetics in the casing to help guide reattachment. Filter tips are then inserted into the top of the mouthpiece. From there, draw from the filter to start vaping. Hybrid pods are expected to last an average of 24 hours for a new user and are available to repurchase in packs of one or five pods.

Who is the HYBRID for?

The HYBRID was designed with new quitters in mind and many of the features of the HYBRID will appeal directly to smokers looking to make their transition from smoking to vaping as successful as possible. However, the smoothness of the draw through a filter is a premium experience that gives the HYBRID appeal to new and existing vapers.