Meet the EDGE PRO

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Meet the EDGE PRO

Our best-selling free-pour device, the PRO, is the perfect device to dive into our extensive award-winning free-pour e-liquids and maximise savings on vaping. This profile breaks down what you need to know about the PRO to get started.

Best features

The sleek and minimal design of the PRO is manufactured using robust metal casing to stand the test of time while looking good. One notorious drawback of free-pour vaping (i.e. pouring e-liquid directly into an open tank device instead using pods or cartridges) is having to change the coil, which is the component that heats and vapourises the e-liquid. This messy and fiddly task has been completely simplified with the PRO’s patented Rapid Release Coil. The twist and pull action to release the spent coil makes coil changes fast and mess-free. 

Flavour range

There really is something for everyone in the extensive range of EDGE free-pour flavours available for the PRO. The EDGE Core range delivers the classic flavours you’d expect to find in any vape store, such as Menthol, British Tobacco and Blackcurrant. Our EDGE Nic Salts are a brilliant option for users looking for a high strength e-liquid without compromising on delicious flavour. The EDGE Elite range brings an exciting selection of premium flavours from sweets through to fruits. If it tickles your fancy, increase your vapour cloud size with the EDGE Max range. Finally, for the seasoned vaper looking to mix their own freebase blends, explore our EDGE Base range.

Nicotine strengths

The EDGE free-pour liquids compatible with the PRO are available in a wide range of nicotine strengths. The majority of flavours come in a range of 3mg, 6mg, 12mg & 18mg. This is to give high strength e-liquids to those who need them, such as new cigarette quitters, as well as giving the option to step nicotine content down to a minimal 3mg, or even in some cases nicotine free.

How it works

The body of the vaping device houses the e-liquid tank and the battery, so charges from the bottom. At the top, an external filling port allows you to refill your tank with free-pour liquids without having to open the tank itself, like many other similar devices. This eliminates leaking and makes refilling quick and mess-free. The PRO’s revolutionary Rapid Release Coil fits into the top of the device and is removed with a simple twist and lift action whenever the coil needs to be changed. The all-in-one construction of the coil housing also provides a fresh built-in mouthpiece whenever the coil is changed for good device hygiene. 

Who is the PRO for?

The EDGE PRO makes an ideal next step for pod users who are looking to explore the extensive range of free-pour flavours available to the PRO to keep their vaping journey exciting. This also represents the best value option so can be a savvy decision for those looking to increase their savings on e-liquids. The patented Rapid Release Coil system can also be a significant innovation to existing vapers looking for a device which makes changing coils fast and neat.