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Your HYBRID Lifestyle

Your HYBRID Lifestyle

The revolution has arrived! The innovative EDGE HYBRID is here and promises to change the game for vapers and smokers alike, ushering in a new generation of vaping technology.

With its unique combination of patented technologies, EDGE HYBRID is an ideal companion on your vaping journey, regardless of where that journey may take you. The many facets of our modern lifestyles can make it difficult to find a vape that fits every occasion – Until now.

The HYBRID Traveller

Convenience is king in our fast-paced modern era. In response, technology has evolved to become increasingly agile with portability in mind for those of us who are forever on-the-go.

HYBRID is lightweight yet durable and fits neatly in your pocket or bag, making it no effort to carry with you on your travels, complete with a robust 830mAh battery to keep you going throughout. The convenient refill packs are equally lightweight and slimline, allowing you to carry everything you need for all-day-vaping without the prerequisite clutter associated with traditional vaping devices – no bottles of liquid, no spare coils or glass – just you, your HYBRID and the open road (or sky….or rails….or waves – you get the picture)

The HYBRID Professional

In this age of vanity appearances are everything, especially where work is concerned. If your 9 to 5 grind has you in a slick, go-getting office environment, the latest HVG box-mod complete with the typical neon-adorned bells and whistles may not be the most appropriate option when it comes to vaping with subtlety. HYBRID’s sleek and stylish design queues allow it to blend seamlessly with even the smartest of aesthetics, looking as fresh alongside a tailored suit as it does with a hoody. Its intrinsic simplicity makes it perfect for those who need to satisfy their cravings with class. It’s not a one-sided deal though, not everyone goes to work in a suit.

Fret not ye labourers, HYBRID will have your back on the building site just as it will in the office. Worried about your filter getting damaged by dust, plaster or worse? That’s what the protective cap is for! It can be used to protect your filter when not in use, but also doubles up as a fully functioning mouthpiece with an opening designed to perfectly replicate the draw resistance offered by a HYBRID filter, so even if you don’t have one to hand, you can keep on vaping. Whether you’re on the tools or attending board meetings – HYBRID has you covered.


For some home is an escape, for others it where things really get hectic – whatever it is for you, you want to satisfy those cravings with minimal effort and thought so you can focus on the important things. HYBRID is buttonless thanks to its draw-activation mechanism that requires you to simply inhale through the device to fire it up, which means even if your hands are full you can still grab a quick puff. Equally, if it’s running on empty, you don’t have to worry about unscrewing tanks, replacing coils, and scrambling about for that pesky e-liquid bottle you just know is in that drawer somewhere…. Just grab your refill pack, click in a fresh HYBRID pod and you’re back at it in seconds, give or take a fresh filter!

When you do finally make it to bed, you can rest easy and leave your HYBRID plugged in thanks to overcharge protection; once the battery is full, it stops accepting charge so you don’t have to worry about overloading or damaging the device or worse: your home. They say there’s no place like home, and it’s even better with HYBRID.

The HYBRID Convert

HYBRID doesn’t just cater to different lifestyles but also different vaping journeys. Has yours already begun? Does it satisfy? Did it fail? The answer doesn’t matter because the solution is HYBRID.

All too often those who try vaping can’t maintain the switch, most commonly because it is simply too far removed from the habit they left behind. HYBRID filters offer the most authentic vaping experience available on the market today, with a mouthfeel and draw resistance recent converts will find enticingly familiar. The simplistic pod system allows for effortless maintenance, and HYBRID refill packs are similar in size to another packet smokers always find room to carry. 12 & 18mg nicotine strength options allow for tailored satisfaction depending on your cravings, with plans for deeply satisfying Nic Salts already in development for the near future.

Were you hit by the menthol ban? HYBRID wasn’t – each HYBRID filter contains an integrated menthol crush ball and already has an award-winning Very Menthol flavour pod to choose from making it the perfect option even if your vaping journey is yet to begin.

No matter where you’re up to, take the next steps with HYBRID.

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