Does the menthol ban apply to vaping?

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Does the menthol ban apply to vaping?

In May 2020, UK legislation was updated to stop the production and sale of menthol cigarettes. Commonly known as the ‘menthol ban’, this legislation was designed to stop menthol cigarettes being used as a gateway product, which helped young people in particular to start smoking.

Menthol flavoured e-liquids are not affected by this legislation and EDGE stocks a variety of award-winning menthol flavours in both free-pour bottles and pods.

"The 2020 ‘menthol ban’ is a continuation of previous attempts to eliminate products that mask the flavour of cigarettes, which can make the experience of smoking more appealing, especially to new and younger users."

In 2017 flavoured cigarettes, such as strawberry and vanilla, were banned, but now the ban extends to any alteration of the flavour or smell of cigarettes or their packaging. This includes any technical features that allow consumers to modify the flavour or smell themselves, such as click-ball menthol filters.

Menthol has properties that have been shown to make it easier for people to start smoking, especially at a younger age. According to ASH, menthol in cigarettes helps relax the airways and also masks the harshness of tobacco smoke allowing smokers to inhale more deeply and increasing addiction.

The NHS also suggests that menthol can increase the addictiveness of cigarettes, despite the flavour not being addictive by itself. This is because menthol numbs the throat with mild anaesthetic properties and also stimulates cold receptors to create a cooling sensation.

These effects can make cigarettes less abrasive to the throat and therefore easier to smoke, especially for those who have never smoked before. 

"Menthol flavour e-liquids can provide a familiar flavour experience for smokers considering vaping as an alternative to cigarettes."

We are proud to stock a fantastic selection at EDGE. Our award-winning Very Menthol flavour is a super minty version of classic Menthol, while our Menthol Tobacco e-liquid provides a flavour closer to dual cigarettes.

We also stock EDGE Elite Spearmint and Peppermint flavours, as well as a number of fruit and menthol blends, so if menthol is your favourite flavour, we have plenty of options for you to try.