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How to vape: everything you need to know

How to vape: everything you need to know
If you’re one of the growing number of smokers who have finally had enough of traditional cigarettes and are looking for the best way to quit, then more than likely, you’ll be thinking about switching to an e-cigarette.

If you’re one of the growing number of smokers who have finally had enough of traditional cigarettes and are looking for the best way to quit, then more than likely, you’ll be thinking about switching to an e-cigarette.

The reason e-cigarettes work so well, is that they not only help to quell the chemical addiction to nicotine, but also help to appease the habitual addiction of inhalation and the expected throat ‘hit’ that so many of us are used to after years of drawing on tobacco.

But how do you get started? In this blog, we’re going to look at the basics of vaping, what to expect when you make the switch, and how to vape on a daily basis.


What equipment do I need?


Despite the numerous designs available, all e-cigarettes work on a similar principle. A large battery heats a metal coil that is surrounded by an absorbent material (or wick) that is saturated in a substance known as e-liquid. This heat causes the e-liquid in the material to evaporate into a vapour that you then inhale.

The e-liquid and coil are stored in a clearomizer - or as it is more commonly known today, a tank - and this tank will constantly need topping up with e-liquid depending on how often you use the device.

Luckily, you don’t need to possess an in-depth knowledge of compatibility between these parts as many e-cigarettes are sold as a set. The only details you need to keep in mind are which coils you use (so you can order replacements), and which e-liquid you prefer.

While enthusiasts enjoy experimenting with different styles of vaping and different forms of e-liquid, if you want to learn how to vape then you can easily ignore this side of the culture, as 95% of vapers who use e-cigarettes do so with the sole purpose of giving up cigarettes, not as a hobby.


How do I prepare my equipment before I learn how to vape?

When your kit arrives, it will most likely be pre-assembled - if not, remember that the instructions will always tell you how the parts fit together. Don’t worry about the instructions getting technical either, as the fittings are almost always either push-pull, or screw-in. Ensure that the coil is inserted into the tank as per the instructions, and then screw the tank into the battery.

Do not, however, use the device with an empty tank as this will cause the absorbent wick to burn and the coil will need to be replaced. Next you need to prime the new coil. This is a fancy way of asking you to put a few droplets of e-liquid onto the wick to help the absorption process.

Once this is completed, you can fill the tank to its natural capacity with e-liquid. Of course, you can prime the wick before screwing it into the battery, but many vapers refill their tanks relatively often, and find it more time efficient to do so while the unit is completely assembled. Before you turn the device on, you will want to wait 5-10 mins to allow the wick to become saturated with e-liquid.

So, my e-cigarette is ready for use – how easy is it for the first time?

Some ex-smokers find their first use of an e-cigarette to be an odd experience, but gladly become accustomed to it in a very short space of time.

Some batteries have the ability to vary the voltage output, and those that find their first ‘hit’ a little strong can always turn the voltage down. However, the manual for your e-cigarette is likely to have an ‘ideal’ range for your coil, so it’s a great idea to start by choosing a mid-level setting based on the information provided.

When you’re ready, you can learn how to vape by simply following these simple instructions:

  • Ensure the battery is charged before turning it on, then set the voltage to the correct level. Your e-cigarette will probably have a small rotating vent that controls air-flow. For your first time, leave this vent half-open, and adjust as you go along based on your own experience.

  • Press down on the power button to allow the current to flow through the coil. You will most likely hear a bubbling/crackling sound as the e-liquid begins to evaporate – this is completely normal.

  • Slowly begin to ‘draw’ on the vapour by placing your lips over the mouthpiece. Don’t keep the power button pressed down for too long while you are using the device for the first time so you can get used to the sensation and flavour.

  • Repeat the process several times, then if you feel comfortable doing so, hold the power button down for longer while you inhale. After a few minutes, you’ll most likely find your preferred comfort zone.

  • Turning the voltage up will increase the speed that the coil heats the e-liquid, as well as producing a harsher ‘throat hit’ – so depending on your preference, adjust this setting appropriately. Once you have finished your vaping session, turn the device back off.  

There is no blanket set of rules for a vaper to follow, and the more you use the device, the more confident you will become tweaking the different settings such as voltage and air flow. Just remember that once you find the sweet spot you desire, you can begin looking at different styles and flavours of e-liquid, and after a while, you will find e-cigarettes can be a perfect replacement for smoking, and help you leave behind the health dangers that your old habit posed.


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