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Our EDGE CBD Oral Sprays are now live

We were really excited to launch our range of our EDGE CBD E-Liquids this year. This is a whole new type of product for EDGE E-Liquids and combines our experience and skills in e-liquid production with the potential for improved wellbeing this popular compound can offer users. Our CBD E-Liquids have quickly become popular with our customers, who especially love the fantastic value for money and the great flavours on offer.

After we saw how popular our e-liquids had so quickly become, we soon realised the need to offer customers an alternative way to consume CBD.

With this in mind, we created our CBD Oral Spray range. By swapping out the VG and PG, making a few tweaks to our recipes and using a quality spray mechanism, we’ve created a tincture that makes daily CBD use incredibly easy. There’s no need to get a special device, coils and endless refills - just two or three sprays under the tongue and the CBD starts to do its thing.

So what’s the difference between oral sprays and e-liquids?

Instead of Vegetable Glycerol and Propylene Glycol, the two parts that create the perfect e-liquid base, the CBD and flavourings are suspended in a fluid derived from coconuts– known as MCT Oil. This liquid makes a great pairing with CBD and has no effect on the flavour, so you can be sure your favourite EDGE flavour isn’t compromised.

Due to the nature of its method of action in the body, we realised we needed to add a lot more CBD isolate to our new recipe. Coming in concentrations of 250mg and 500mg (25mg and 50mg per millilitre respectively) our oral sprays are highly effective.

We use the same CBD Isolate in our oral sprays as in our e-liquids. Derived from hemp plants grown in the United States which produce naturally high levels of CBD, the plant material undergoes a powerful extraction process, yielding “full spectrum” oil. This material is then further refined using a patented CO2 extraction process. By using this high-quality isolate we can ensure absolute zero THC, very low wastage of CBD and a guarantee that no pesticides, heavy metals or any other bad bits end up in the finished product. Using our own in-house lab, we can confirm an incredible 99.33% purity of the isolate, so we’re confident our oral sprays are not only effective but completely reliable too.

If you’ve seen a lot about CBD online and on social media, we think our EDGE oral sprays are a fantastic way to try it and see if CBD works for you. With a few spritzes held under the tongue, trying CBD for the first time couldn’t be easier.