Why summer is a great time to make the switch to vaping

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Why summer is a great time to make the switch to vaping

Life in the summer has a different rhythm than in the winter. During the colder months, you will often be cooped up indoors, the uninviting weather penning you to stay inside. For some, this means smoking becomes a less attractive option; for others, the darker and gloomy days translate to a lessened desire to adopt healthy everyday behaviours.

However, making the switch to vaping in the summer is ideal for a number of psychological and physical reasons. At EDGE Vaping, we have helped countless individuals who have wanted to make the switch over to vaping, providing the information needed to find a healthier approach to everyday life, from the summer onwards.

Read our guidance below on why the summer presents you with the perfect opportunity to make the switch. You could even head over to our Switch With EDGE area to find out more.

New season, new habits

The warmer months bring with them much more than the sun; there is generally a slower daily rhythm and merrier attitudes, which lead to less stress. As such, the urge to smoke is less apparent - and you will find that you will not need to alleviate stress by taking a break outside.

Generally, the daily routine in the summer is influenced by a slower rhythm. Daily behaviours start to change, which often leads to the adoption of healthier adoptions. This can start with a stronger desire to enjoy the fresh air and the much-missed sunshine. It can feel rejuvenating to simply be outside after months of being able to do so - you should make the most of the clean, refreshing air that your lungs desire.

Better physical health

In the summer, there are more opportunities to go outdoors and undertake a form of physical exercise. A stronger desire to look after your body translates into an improvement in your mental and physical wellbeing.

It is, therefore, the ideal time to adopt new behaviours in the aim of being healthier. While this usually takes the form of a healthier diet or some sort of physical activity, making the switch from smoking to vaping can improve the functioning of your lungs and mental health, which in turn will improve your wish to take on healthier practices.

In turn, by making the switch from smoking to vaping, you are much more likely to enjoy the new exercise - if you can undertake the activity without being hindered by your physical capacity, you will want to continue it for longer, and be able to do it more often.

If you are undertaking a new activity to improve your physical fitness, why hamper your progress by smoking? Professional athletes do not smoke, and for good reason; see the reasons here

Set yourself up for success

If you are willing to make the switch in the summer when you can enjoy the fresh air and want to look after yourself more, your habits can continue to improve throughout the year, and when the colder months return, you will be less likely to want to return to smoking. Instilling healthier behaviours now means that you are more likely to find an activity you enjoy and can find a new lease of life.

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