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How often should I change my vaporizer coil?

The great thing about e-cigarettes is how cheap they are to use compared with traditional cigarettes. Apart from the e-liquid you use, the only part that needs regular replacement is the coil. But if you’re new to vaping, you may be asking yourself “how often should I change my vaporizer coil?” The vaporizer coil will need to be changed every 1-4 weeks depending on the device’s specification, how often it is used, and whether the user prefers using high-PG or high-VG based e-liquids. The most obvious clue that it needs replacing will be a dry, burnt taste when you vape. To go into a little more detail and to ensure that you enjoy using your e-cigarette, the greatest factors that can affect your coil’s lifespan are listed below:
  • Depending on the person, an e-cigarette can be used constantly throughout the day, or simply sporadically based on cravings. Those who use their e-cigarette all day will find the wick inside the coil loses its ability to become saturated with e-liquid a lot faster than someone who only vapes occasionally.
  • While normal e-cigarette vaporizer coils will last a relatively long time, those who prefer the benefits of sub-ohm vaping will often find themselves needing to replace them a lot more often – mainly because of the high current that runs through them, degrading the metal and burning the wick.
  • The same is true for people who prefer to use a battery with the ability to vary its voltage. The more current that passes through your coil, the faster it will wear out.
  • Those who prefer high vegetable-glycerin e-liquid mixes for big clouds of vapour will find themselves needing to replace their coils more regularly than a person who uses high propylene-glycol mixes. This is because high-VG e-liquids are generally more viscous than high-PG e-liquids, and gunk-up your wick faster.

So, now I know how often I should replace my vaporizer coil, how do I do it?

Different devices use different methods, but there should always be some documentation provided at the time of purchase that will show you how to do it. The majority of e-cigarettes need you to unscrew the tank from the battery and remove either the mouthpiece or airflow port – although, at this point, it is worth mentioning that it is always easier to replace your coil when the tank has no e-liquid left in it. Most used coils will need to be either unscrewed or simply pulled out and replaced with a new one from your preferred retailer. Once this is done, reassemble the tank and screw it back onto the battery.


How often should I aim to change my vaporizer coil if I’m unsure?

If you don’t notice any change in taste when you vape, your coil is probably fine. However, this may be due to the flavour of e-liquid you use, and so as a matter of course, you should aim to replace the coil on average once every two weeks.

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