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The Ultimate Guide To Cartomisers vs Clearomisers

The Ultimate Guide To Cartomisers vs Clearomisers

Are Cartomisers and Clearomisers vaping devices? Do they work the same as other vaping devices?

Yes! Cartomisers and clearomisers both work on the same fundamental principle of any vaping device with an atomiser - they each have a battery, to which a coil-wrapped wick is attached.

The wick absorbs e-liquid and functions as a contact point for the coil which is the internal heating element, meaning that the vape juice is then vapourised, and inhaled. 

What is a Cartomiser? 

Cartomisers consist of a battery base and a disposable cartomiser head which is essentially a lengthened atomiser head filled with e-liquid. The cartomiser head screws onto the battery and can be used and then disposed of while retaining the battery base. 

Cartomisers are easily recognisable as the original e-cigarette design that mimics a cigarette in its look. The sleek design was popularised for good reason, as it makes a perfect choice for users on the go and is an extremely user-friendly and familiar method for smokers to switch to e-cigarettes. 

EDGE cartomisers are preloaded with e-liquid and are available in British tobacco, American tobacco and menthol flavours and are sold in packs of 3.

Available in a range of three different nicotine strengths: 18mg, 12mg and 6mg. Simply select the strength which is right for your nicotine usage. The perfect choice for someone on the go, or smokers looking to switch to e-cigarettes, they’re incredibly user-friendly.

Cartomisers are often considered to be a precursor to contemporary pod based vaping devices, so if you’re a long time cartomiser user looking for a change to your routine then you may be interested to consider the benefits of the EDGE GO or EDGE Hybrid.

What is a Clearomiser? 

A clearomiser, unlike a cartomiser is transparent, making it far easier to spot how much vape juice is left in your device. Holding a larger amount of e-liquid, they’re easily recognisable as a standard form of modern vaping device.

As they’re compatible with most e-liquids, you’re not hampered by the same conditions of use as their cartomiser cousins - you can fill the open tank with any free-pour flavour you wish. 

EDGE clearomisers are also compatible with our 900mAh battery, meaning that you get amazing longevity between charges without incurring the same price point as a box mod. 

Clearomisers are often the first step a user may take into free-pour devices which allows them to choose from a wide selection of flavours. If you’re a long time clearomiser user, you may be interested to consider the EDGE PRO.

While a standard clearomiser contains a coil inside which burns out and causes the entire device to have to be disposed of eventually, the EDGE PRO functions almost identically except the coil inside can be changed.

This means you can keep the device and just swap the coil out, potentially saving you money. Read our guide to the PRO here if your interest is piqued. 

Cartomisers VS Clearomisers 

There are various pros and cons to using each of these devices. Cartomisers are a great solution for those looking to quit or reduce their use of traditional cigarettes, as they’re so user-friendly and come pre-filled in the familiar, cigarette-style shape.

However, dual rather than single coiled heating coils means higher battery consumption, which can mean that you’ll need more frequent access to a power supply. Also, as they come pre-loaded with fluid, they’re available in more limited flavour profiles than clearomisers. 

While you’ll need to fill and prime your clearomiser tank yourself, they do hold significantly more e-liquid than cartomisers. They’re perfect for vapers who have a favourite EDGE free pour vaping juice flavour.

A larger battery means more device longevity and vapour production, while the transparent tanks makes knowing when to refill your device a breeze. However, they are slightly bulkier, and you’ll need to dispose of the device eventually as the internal coil will burn out after a few weeks as an absolute maximum. 

Which one is right for me?

Choosing the right type of vape pen for you doesn’t need to be a struggle. Simply make sure that you’re choosing the right fit for your vaping experience.

A cartomiser might be the right choice for you if you’re currently switching from smoking to vaping, whereas experienced vapers might choose to opt for a clearomiser if they want better value for their money or simply enjoy a particular e-liquid. 

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