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Why does my e-cig taste burnt?

If you’re an avid vaper, you may notice that from time to time the flavour of your e-liquid can start to taste a little burnt. But before you start questioning whether your taste buds have gone AWOL, you may be interested to know that the issue is a lot more common than you think, and there is quite a simple reason for that. An e-cig can taste burnt for two reasons. The coil may have had a current passed through it before the wick was properly saturated with e-liquid causing the absorbent material to burn. Alternatively, the wick may have become clogged with gunk from the e-liquid, and therefore needs replacing.  


Why does a dry wick cause my e-cig to taste burnt?

The wick is an absorbent material – usually silica – that becomes saturated with e-liquid. The wick is housed inside a casing and is wrapped around a hot metal wire called a coil. When the e-liquid is fully saturated, the hot coil heats the wick causing the e-liquid to evaporate – creating vapour that you can then inhale. If you use your device before the wick is fully saturated, however, the dry wick will simply burn. And even if you allow the wick to continue absorbing e-liquid after it is accidently burnt, it is unlikely that the burnt taste will be eradicated completely until you next change your coil. If you read the instructions on any given coil, it will always state that you should apply several drips of e-liquid onto the wick directly before inserting it into your clearomizer. It will also state that once you fill the tank, you should wait an additional 10 minutes of so before using the device otherwise the wick may burn.  


Why does a clogged wick cause my e-cig to taste burnt?

After a sustained period of use, the wick inside your coil will reach a point when it is no longer able to absorb e-liquid. While certain ingredients have lower temperature requirements for evaporation, other residual parts of the compound are left behind, and sooner or later these leftovers clog up the wick, leaving behind a gunk-like substance that, upon coming into contact with the red-hot coil, ends up burning. Most coils need to be replaced once every ten days or so for the majority of vapers – and even more frequently for those who vape constantly throughout the day. Luckily, coils are relatively inexpensive, and their multi-pack replacements are far cheaper than a new pack of cigarettes. Another interesting facet to bear in mind is that your wick will lose its absorbency faster if you prefer to use high-VG based e-liquids, as vegetable glycerin is a more viscous base than propylene glycol and will always shorten the life-span of your coil.  


Are there any other possible explanations?

If you find yourself wondering “why does my e-cig taste burnt?” more often than once every 1-2 weeks, it may be worth considering that the voltage of your box mod is set too high, and the additional power that is running through the coil is causing the wire to burn the wick, regardless of its saturation level. If this is the case, try turning the resistance down but increase the number of volts pushing the current around the circuit. If you have tried to remedy all of the above issues to no avail, it may be worth contacting your manufacturer, or simply start using a different clearomizer with a different style of coil as it may be that your current set-up is aimed at those who vape less intensively.  

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