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EDGE Cartomisers

Our EDGE Cartomisers are perfect if you want a cigarette-like experience. Light in your hand, easy to pop in a pocket, these cartomisers are combined with our 280mAh battery to give you an exceedingly satisfying and simple way to vape. Simply screw the cartomiser onto the battery and inhale - no buttons, no fuss. Why not also take a look through our e-liquid range.


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Looking For A No-Hassle Approach To Vaping? Try The EDGE Cartomiser System


While many vapers are happy to use the standard e-liquid and coil system to quell the urge to smoke, there are others who prefer something a little more straight-forward – and that’s why here at EDGE, we’ve designed a quick and easy cartomiser system that offers an all day vape experience. With no buttons to press, all you have to do is place the cartomiser between your lips and inhale.


Available in three different flavours – British Tobacco, USA Tobacco and Very Menthol – the EDGE cartomizer system can easily be swapped by simply unscrewing and replacing the used cartomiser. The battery that powers the device offers 280 milliamp hours, and thanks to the low power draw of the cartomizer, will keep your device charged all day. The battery is also extremely to charge, simply insert the USB charger into a socket, and screw the battery onto the end.


We also have a high quality range of high vg e liquid,, short fills and more. 

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