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EDGE Hybrid Pods

Thanks to the range of EDGE Hybrid Pods, vaping has never been a smoother experience. The specially-designed pods make it easier for you to use and refill your vape device with your favourite flavour. And, with EDGE’s great selection of delicious flavours, you are sure to find an EDGE Hybrid Pod to satisfy your tastebuds.

Hybrid closed-seal pods are thoroughly tested to ensure they are leak-free, with ergonomic sculpting for effortless maintenance. With the industry-leading range at EDGE, there are hybrid pods for every vaper’s needs. Our products are made and designed by vapers, for vapers, and we know exactly what type of vaping experience our customers will enjoy.

Available in a range of delicious flavours and optimised for sustained performance, Hybrid Pods are designed to work perfectly with Hybrid’s integrated menthol crushball filters. Browse the range of high-quality EDGE hybrid pods below and find your next staple flavour. Shop with us today to take advantage of free delivery on orders over £15.


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More about this range

What is a hybrid pod?

Many vape devices have a vape tank, which holds the e-liquid and allows it to douse the wick, making contact with the coil - which in turn, vaporises the e-liquid and produces vapour. 

Instead of a vape tank, an EDGE Hybrid Pod is a vape that has a battery and a pod. A pod and vape tank have the same job of holding the coil and e-liquid, but a pod is one sealed unit, and has no replaceable coils.

The range at EDGE is pre-filled with delicious vape juice, so you do not have to worry about refilling any e-liquid yourself. An EDGE Hybrid Pod makes it easier than ever to install your next container of e-liquid into your vape device.

How do I replace an EDGE Hybrid Pod?

The team at EDGE designed the Hybrid Pods to ensure that handling and using them is as easy as possible. The sculpted ergonomic design allows you to quickly and effortlessly release your used pod and replace it with a new one. You will be vaping again in seconds.

Each pack contains three Hybrid crushball filter tips, with a soft microfibre build that contains its own menthol crushball. For the vapers who want a burst of chilly, refreshing menthol with their favourite flavour, you have the option to do so - only with the premium range of EDGE Hybrid Pods.

Slimline packaging

The team of vaping experts at EDGE understand how annoying it can be to have to carry bulky added elements to refill your vape device. We know you don’t want your pockets to be heavy and be burdened with carrying lots of additional parts. 

That is where the Hybrid Pods thrive: you can enjoy your favourite flavour without the hassle of carrying bulky pods. Shipped in a convenient pack of three crushball filter tips, your Hybrid Pod gives you the option to conveniently carry everything you need in your pocket.

Nicotine for all needs

Every vaper has different needs, and that includes varying levels of nicotine cravings. The premium range of EDGE Hybrid Pods are available in smooth 20mg nic salt nicotine strengths, so you have the option to choose the level of your nicotine hit, depending on your preference. Delivered through our range of much-loved flavours and ensuring a convenient vaping experience, there are many reasons why the Hybrid Pods are a customer favourite.

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