Facts about Vaping

2019 has seen vaping receive mixed reviews in the media, with issues in the USA causing panic amongst vapers here in the UK. Thankfully much of the negative press has since been revoked, with evidence emerging linking the issues experienced in the USA directly to ingredients that should never be vaped, and most certainly would never be included in any e-liquid manufactured in the UK under the strict regulation of the TPD and MHRA. We want our EDGE customers to be well informed on their vaping journeys, knowledge is power... Read More


Getting An EDGE On The UK Menthol Ban

What does it mean and how will it affect you? Having already made headlines throughout UK media, we are sure many of you will be aware that the UK is set to impose a ban on a number of widely used tobacco products, most significantly menthol cigarettes. News of such a big change in legislation will no doubt leave many people with questions as to how the ban will impact them and if so, what their options will be when it comes to finding a viable alternative to menthol cigarettes.... Read More


Vaping is cleared of blame for Lung Disease outbreak in America

As someone who vapes, it’s highly likely that a concerned friend or relative has reminded you of the recent news stories regarding the supposed dangers of vaping. The tragic deaths of young vape users in the US have highlighted concerns about vaping here in the UK, but unfortunately, news providers have failed to explain the major differences between the e-liquids available here and across the pond. Most significantly, TPD regulations established a number of years ago in the UK and EU placed a great number of controls over ingredients, bottle... Read More