Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, if You Love to Vape, then EDGE is for You!

At EDGE, we don’t just produce any old e-liquid; every batch is a labour of love. We are passionate about providing our loyal customers with the very best in British made e-liquid. From the everyday to wild and wonderful blends, we offer something for everyone. Our ranges are packed full of flavours to ignite your passion for vaping, and if you already vape, we know that EDGE will make you fall in love all over again.

As it’s Valentines, we wanted to talk about some of our most-loved flavours. These are the flavours our customers choose most often, and they haven’t held back in letting us know just how much they like them! In the spirit of Valentines, we want to share the love, read on to see what it is about these top EDGE flavours that make our customers weak at the knees!

Some like them rich, some like them smooth, but our EDGE Tobacco’s got you in the mood!

EDGE Elite Mild Tobacco

A classic blend of delicately light roasted tobacco notes, a homage to classic American style blends. Combining smooth & bright tobacco flavour with subtle sweetness for a vape that keeps putting a smile on our customer’s faces!

“A winner for me, I have tried a few tobacco ‘flavours’ but this is the one that keeps me ordering every month.”

“More than meets the required standard I require. A favourite of mine, with a perfect blend of strength and flavour.”

“This is one of the best if not the best tobacco flavours on the market. Been vaping it for the past 3 years or so, and having tried lots of other tobacco flavours, this is my favourite.”

EDGE Virginia Tobacco

A specialised tobacco flavour that is reminiscent of classic dark-roast rolling tobacco, perfectly refined with a well-rounded finish. With a subtly aromatic yet full-bodied profile this take on classic Virginia-style loose tobacco blends keeps our customers coming back for more!

“I use this product and no other, l have no reason to! It’s UK made and l enjoy the taste so much so l have got a number of family and friends on it and they say the same.”

“This is an AMAZING liquid if you want to get off the cigs. If you have beat that part… then it’s a great base to give ANY flavour a kick. Love this. Never change the recipe!”

“If you are looking for a mild, authentic tasting tobacco flavour then this is the one. Ordered 6mg strength and was absolutely delighted. A lovely vape all round.”

EDGE Elite Rich Tobacco

This indulgent blend brings together all the classic hallmarks of the taste of premium top-shelf tobacco. With a bold profile of interwoven light and dark tobacco notes, perfectly balanced for a satisfying throat hit and impeccably smooth delivery. For recent converts and seasoned vapers alike, Elite Rich is sure to turn heads for all the right reasons!

“Being a heavy Ex-smoker of over of over 30 years, I found this flavour taste to be the best. It satisfies both my cravings for a cigarette and that having something to do with your hands thing, that often is associated with quitting. This flavour, in my opinion, fills the taste band of all our British tobacco.”

“I have found in the past I could not smoke some of the cheaper oils without coughing but these oils are exceptional quality not a cough in sight! and what a price! Brilliant service and price will not be buying from anywhere else from now on.”

“I have been vaping for nearly two years and only like tobacco flavours and have tried them all from all different suppliers but so far this is my favourite. I have found in the past I could not smoke some of the cheaper oils without coughing but these oils are exceptional quality not a cough in sight!”

EDGE Very Menthol

A confirmed crowd-pleaser, our best-selling flavour has been a staple for our customers since launch. Our freshest blend yet is a simple yet effective combination of bold menthol waves delivering icy-cool refreshment, accented with a twist of tingly peppermint to tantalise the palate and keep you crying out for more!

“It’s a very nice strong menthol I really like this one and it’s my hubby’s favourite, he’s just asked me to order 4 more.”

“I’m a vaper if 4 years. I mainly sub-ohm. But first thing in the morning and in stressful times I like to hit up the old MTL. Whenever I’m in need of a flavourful e-liquid of great quality I always come here, and this very menthol sure as hell does wake and vape you up and blow the cobwebs away.”

“I have been vaping mint ever since I stopped smoking 5 years ago and this has to be the best I have ever tasted. Awesome depth of taste and correct throat hit. Buy some you won’t be disappointed.”

EDGE Cherry Menthol

This classic combination has been a fan favourite for some time now and it’s not surprising! Our blend of subtly tangy and sweet Morello cherry notes with a cooling blast of fresh menthol has proven itself as a trusted all-day-vape, loved by us and our customers alike!

Think this might be my favourite – lovely deep cherry taste without being sickly sweet, and a cooling menthol hit as well. Yum!”

“This is Unbelievable tasty liquid perfectly balanced, not too much menthol and can perfectly feel the taste of cherry with my Innokin Endura t18e. Recommend to mouth to lung users!”

“A great flavour, with lots of cherry flavour, then that zing of menthol, am on my 3rd order of this, try it you will love it.”

There you have it! Our customers can’t help but love EDGE and we love them for it! Stick with us and we know your vaping journey will go the distance. With so many great flavours to choose from, exciting devices and even more to come, we’re sure you’ll agree that EDGE really is “the one”!

Roses are red, violets are blue, if you love to vape, then EDGE is for you!

Some like tobacco, some like them fruity, with so many to choose you might think, what suits me?

EDGE has it all, from menthol to cake, so give them a try, there’s no time to waste!

Whether your goal is to quit or just beat the craving, EDGE e-liquids have got people raving!

If you already vape, or just have the yearning, take the first step with EDGE on your vaping journey.

With love,
your friends at EDGE Vaping

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