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This is not a cigarette

Next Gen Vaping

A true hybrid in name and nature, this ground-breaking device harmonises innovative technologies with an ergonomic and stylish design. Delivering the best elements of vaping with a familiar filter tip.

The Feel of Authenticity

Research shows that 60% of smokers want to quit, but 37% of those that have tried vaping dislike the hard, unfamiliar mouthpiece.

Soft, ultra-fine microfibre filter tip with integrated menthol crushball.

Delivering a truly authentic draw experience.

Simply Squeeze to release an optional burst of cooling menthol.

Powerful 830mAh battery with all-day-vaping capability.

Fully charged in only 2 hours.

Take the first step on your HYBRID journey with our exclusive starter kit.

Complete with all 3 pod flavours & 9 crushball filters - everything you need !

Discover HYBRID

Learn more about how the revolutionary HYBRID works.


What is a HYBRID device?

Born out of consumer demand, EDGE HYBRID is a Next Generation vaping device that bridges a significant gap in the market, offering smokers and vapers a collective solution. The sleek and compact exterior houses a flavoured nicotine pod in varying strengths, specially designed to be leak-free. Vapour is then filtered through the filter tip for an authentic experience without the harmful effects of heating or burning tobacco.

How do HYBRID Filters work?

HYBRID menthol crushball filters are inserted into the top of the hybrid device to act as the mouthpiece. Their soft ultra-fine microfibre delivers a true-to-life draw resistance when the user inhales, activating the device and allowing vapour to pass through. Each filter tip contains an integrated HYBRID crushball located in-line with the coloured band, 20mm from the base. When activated, the crushball releases an extra burst of refreshing menthol while the HYBRID’s dual-purpose cap protects the filter and doubles as an optional mouthpiece.

How long do HYBRID Pods last?

HYBRID pods are designed to support all-day-vaping, with an expected lifespan of approximately 24 hours during normal use. Lifespan will vary depending on frequency of use. HYBRID pods are specially designed to be leak-free and can be swapped in seconds for effortless maintenance.

Where can I buy a HYBRID device?

Right here @ edgevaping.com – Shop the HYBRID now!

How is Edge HYBRID different to other Hybrids?

For starters, it’s certainly not a car! The EDGE HYBRID is a device that combines of the best elements of vaping with a familiar filter tip, for an unique and satisfying user experience.

Is Edge HYBRID safe?

Yes – like all EDGE products the HYBRID has been subject to rigorous safety checks. HYBRID pods are filled with fully compliant, batch-tested, premium quality e-liquid; made using only the finest pharmaceutical and food-grade ingredients within a bespoke ISO accredited clean facility audited to GMP standards. When you buy EDGE, you buy with confidence.