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Ready, Steady, PRO!

The Next Generation of All-Day Vaping

The EDGE Pro combines innovative design with robust practicality, delivering the ultimate companion for any vaping journey. Designed with simplicity, efficiency and versatility at its core; the EDGE Pro is an all-in-one vaping solution, offering equal performance across both 50/50 and HVG ratio e-liquids.

The Pro has a robust 1500mAh battery for optimised performance even during long periods of use. All this power is packed into a sleek and convenient pocket-sized design, in a durable stainless-steel housing.

Being compact and easy to use whilst still loaded with innovative features; the EDGE Pro is perfect for beginners & experienced vapers alike.

Innovative Coil Technology

A recent EDGE poll found that 76% of our customers wanted a device that offers a faster coil change without the hassle – The EDGE Pro’s patented Rapid Release Coil Technology means users can swap out coils in record time, getting them vaping again in seconds! With a simple twist and pull action, Pro coils make the maintenance process faster than ever before.

Designed for Longevity

Our revolutionary coil tech allows the user to “lock-off” the exposed cotton wick in the coil with a simple twist. Isolating the wick prevents over absorption of e-liquid, putting a stop to coil flooding; maximising coil lifespan and performance while ensuring optimal flavour delivery.

Hygienic & Mess-Free

Pro Coils can be swapped out without the need to open your tank, so you never spill a drop and the liquid never comes into contact with your skin. Their all-in-one construction also means that each new coil comes complete with a fresh built-in mouthpiece, optimising hygiene. The Pro also features an external filling port for quick and easy mess-free re-filling.


The EDGE Pro – Everything Your Old Vape Isn’t