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EDGE Vaping Journey


Designed for when you’re on the GO, this pod-based e-cigarette devices takes the hassle out of vaping. Simply pop in a pod and inhale – no buttons, no messy e-liquids, just a sleek and stylish way to satisfy your nicotine cravings.


The EDGE Pro is our flagship vaping device. Combined with our huge range of e-liquids, the Pro offers unbeatable performance and reliability. Combined with our patented Rapid Replace Coil technology, users can refill their tank and reload their coil in a matter of seconds.

EDGE Clearomiser

Our clearomisers are a simple way to enjoy EDGE e-liquids. Simply screw the clearomiser onto an applicable battery and fill it with your favourite juice. Once the clearomiser is done, just screw on a new one.

EDGE Cartomiser

Sometimes the old ways are the best. The EDGE Cartomiser is a great starting point if you’ve just started your vaping journey. Designed to copy the look and feel of a cigarette, our cartomisers offer users an effective way to vape with efficiency and familiarity.