What is the EDGE Nic Salts range?

EDGE Nic Salts are a new addition to the EDGE range, designed for the recent ex-smoker. The main difference is that we use an alternative form of nicotine in our EDGE Nic Salts products.

Our standard range of E-Liquids uses freebase nicotine, which comes from the tobacco leaf. With Nic Salts, nicotine is added to "salt acids," which changes its chemical composition, producing a much smoother vape which is not normally possible with high strength freebase nicotine.  We've chosen Nicotine Ditartrate as our flagship nic salt formula, with our tests showing it delivers the smoothest and most satisfying vape while having a minimal effect on taste.

Using this alternative preparation to the nicotine, the EDGE Nic Salt range offers users the same high strength nicotine his of an 18mg, but with a much smoother vape. If you need to satisfy those cigarette cravings but still want maximum taste in your vape, EDGE Nic Salts are perfect for you.

This range is suitable for standard 50/50 coils and devices. Be aware, we recommend being particularly mindful of how much you vape and how much nicotine you consume, given that nic salts are much smoother and easier to inhale.