Disposable Vape Data Leak Implicates Leading Brands

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Disposable Vape Data Leak Implicates Leading Brands

The vaping market could see a significant upset in the coming days Better Retailing reports. This comes following the reveal of data regarding several leading brands of disposable vapes.

Reportedly leaked from research carried out by a tobacco giant, several disposable vape ranges have been alleged to contain more than the legally prescribed limit of 2ml of a nicotine containing e-liquid.

Accompanying the leaked data, was a letter from the tobacco giant, urging wholesalers to halt the sale of non-compliant disposable vaping products. The data focusses on at least seven of the UK’s most popular brands within the category, and could see large gaps appear on shelves across the country.

Collection of Disposable Vapes

The Leaked Data

The leaked data claims that the products in question contain “significantly more than the legal limit of 2ml of nicotine-containing e-liquid from 2.76ml to 3.88ml, with an average overfill of 58%”.

Better Retailing has reported that they have seen no evidence from regulators to support the claims made in the leak. In addition, distributors of the products being called-out have rallied behind recent test data they say proves compliance with UK laws.

The assumption from these distributors is that the data in question is based on “old stock”. Suggesting that current examples of the products on UK shelves are separate from those alleged to be illegal.

This could conceivably spark an investigation by the MHRA, with whom these products have been registered for sale. The claims will need to be verified before any action is likely to be taken by retailers or distributors.

Gavel over Disposable Vape

Industry Response

According to Better Retailing, knowledge of the data has reached the MHRA, Trading Standards, a number of local authorities, as well as the wholesalers who shared the story with the publication.

Wholesale representatives have praised the source for their apparent desire to “clean up the disposables market”, however this has not come without speculation as to the true intent of the move, which could allow products the source has an invested interest in to monopolise the lucrative category.

In response to questions over the data’s validity, the source claims all research was conducted by “an accredited 3rd party laboratory as part of a routine competitor analysis”.

Wholesalers have stated that they will “wait on independent testing and regulatory guidance before taking action.”

A representative from one of the brands called into question has even claimed that a previous supplier based in China may be behind the issue, at least in their case, following suspicion of information theft. They state that they would be approaching them seeking compensation “for the loss of reputation”.

What comes Next?

At this stage, we cannot know. The vaping industry at-large will now assuredly be awaiting the outcomes of the inevitable follow-up investigations into the allegations made.

Should the data be validated, it could severely handicap certain brands’ market performance, whilst simultaneously creating a lucrative opportunity for others.