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Is vaping allowed in professional sports?

A breakdown of the impacts that vaping and nicotine has on the performance of professional athletes.

The Khan Review: Tax Increases Proposed to Fund Stop Smoking Services

Continued Khan review breakdown, focusing on the proposed financial changes that could see targeted taxes.

The Khan Review: Vaping Should Be Used to Help Quit Smoking

Continuing our breakdown of the Khan review, breaking down how vaping is proposed to be help people quit smoking.

The Khan Review: Smoking To Be Illegal Outside UK Pubs & Restaurants

Part of the EDGE Khan Report Series: A number of drastic changes to UK smoking laws have been proposed including making it illegal in beer gardens and other outdoor spaces. Learn how...

The UK Cities Biggest on Vaping

At EDGE Vaping, we have used Google data to reveal the UK cities whose populations have the most interest in vaping, collating the latest data to highlight hotspots in the...

EDGE Best Practice Series: Which Alternative to Smoking is Best for Me?

Finding an alternative to smoking is a difficult task, this blog will guide you through the most popular options people choose for cessation, and explores their safety and effectiveness so...