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Highly refined and perfectly balanced, EDGE tobacco e-liquid blends have been expertly crafted to deliver undeniably moreish profiles. For vapers looking for that distinct tobacco flavour, there is no better choice than EDGE Vaping.

Specially blended by our experienced team, our tobacco e-liquids are available in a range of nicotine strengths. Whatever your nicotine needs, we have the tobacco e-liquid for you. Our tobacco e-liquids, GO Pods, and cartomisers come in a range of 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg. The British Tobacco E-Liquid also has a 3mg option, for those who want a smaller nicotine hit without sacrificing that rich tobacco taste.

Alongside the delicate, lightly toasted notes of British Tobacco, you will find the boldly dark and sumptuous Elite Rich and the refreshingly satisfying Menthol Tobacco. EDGE has tobacco flavours to suit even the most discerning of palates. Made using the finest ingredients within a bespoke ISO class 8 clean facility and fully batch tested, EDGE represents the very best of British e-liquid.

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More About This Range

More About Our Tobacco E-Liquid Range

The range of tobacco e-liquids at EDGE offers a great selection of tobacco flavours. Vapers who want a smoother and more subtle tobacco flavour should take a look at our mild tobacco e-liquid. As an American-style toasted tobacco flavour, you can expect a slight sweetness on the exhale, for an all-round easy vaping experience.

If you are after a more intense tobacco experience, take a look at the EDGE Elite Rich Tobacco. Still smooth on the exhale, this dark tobacco flavour delivers a familiar yet indulgent taste.

Made from high-grade EU/USP Propylene (PG), Vegetable Glycerol (VG), lab-tested nicotine and tested flavouring ingredients, the tobacco e-liqud range at EDGE delivers a high-quality vaping experience that our customers love. For the vapers with 50-50 style vaping devices, we have a great selection of tobacco e-liquids to choose from, perfect for vape pens with a coil rated at 1.0ohm and above.

If you are after an all-day vaping solution with a familiar experience, take a look at our elite range of cartomisers. We offer packs of three cartomisers, available in three nicotine strengths, so you can satisfy your tobacco and nicotine needs all day long.

We also offer our UK-leading tobacco e-cig liquid in pod form. The convenient design allows you to quickly dispose of and replenish your device with high-quality flavourings and nicotine.

The expert team at EDGE knows that some vapers seek a higher VG vaping experience. For a mellow tobacco taste in an 80VG/20VG mix, the 10ml high-VG tobacco e-liquid is perfect for sub-ohm devices and for vapers wanting huge clouds.

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