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Vape Kits

Welcome to our handpicked collection of vape kits, designed to provide you with the ultimate vaping experience. Whether you're new to vaping or an experienced vaper looking to upgrade your device, our extensive range has something for everyone.

Browse the range of vape kits below - from a choice of leading brands such as Aspire, EDGE, Vaporesso and Voopoo - and take advantage of free UK delivery on all orders over £15.

Innokin Coolfire Z60 - Vape Kit

£46.99 £0.00

VOOPOO Argus P1 Pod Kit

£25.99 £0.00

Aspire Zelos 3 - Vape Kit

£42.99 £0.00
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Aspire Flexus Q Pod Vape Kit - Pod Kit

£19.99 £0.00
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Vaporesso Xros 3 Vape Kit - Pod Kit

£24.99 £0.00

Replacement Glass for Pro Device

£3.00 £0.00
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Elite EDGE Pro Vape Kit Bundle

£30.00 £0.00

Core EDGE Pro Vape Kit Bundle

£25.00 £0.00

EDGE Pro Vape Kit - Starter Kit

£20.00 £0.00

EDGE GO Device

£8.99 £6.99

EDGE Pro Device

£20.00 £20.00

EDGE Pro Coils

£5.00 £5.00

More about this range

Voopoo vape kits

Take your vaping experience to the next level with our high-quality Voopoo vape kits. Known for their innovative design and advanced technology, Voopoo kits ensure a seamless and satisfying vape every time. Voopoo pod kits, in particular, are a great option for those who prefer a more compact, easy-to-use device without compromising on performance. 

Aspire vape kits

Aspire is a trusted name in the vaping industry, renowned for its reliable, high-performing devices. Our Aspire vape kits embody the brand's commitment to quality and innovation. One standout option is the Aspire Zelos 3 vape kit, designed for maximum usability and supreme flavour delivery. With its advanced features and durable build, this kit is sure to enhance your vaping journey. 

EDGE Pro vape kit

For those who prefer a sleek, modern device, the EDGE Pro vape kit bundle is an excellent choice. Designed with precision and ease of use in mind, the EDGE Pro provides a satisfying vape with each use. The pro kit bundle includes the EDGE Pro device, one pack of EDGE Pro coils and five Elite 10ml e-liquids.

We also offer the Core EDGE Pro vape kit, which swaps the Elite 10ml e-liquids of the Elite bundle with five Core 10ml e-liquids. Whether you're out and about or relaxing at home, EDGE Pro kits ensure a gratifying vape experience.

Vaporesso vape kits

Last but not least, our Vaporesso vape kits offer a blend of style, performance and value. Known for their robust build and efficient operation, Vaporesso kits deliver a consistently rich and flavourful vape. Whether you're after the simplicity of a Vaporesso vape pen or the advanced features of a Vaporesso kit, our range has got you covered.

No matter your vaping preferences or experience level, our diverse collection of vape kits has something to suit every vaper. Explore our selection today and elevate your vaping experience to new heights. Always remember, vaping should be an option primarily for those transitioning from smoking, and if you've never smoked or vaped before, it's best not to start. Enjoy a fulfilling vape journey with our quality vape kits! 

If you are after high-quality e-liquids to supplement your new vape kit, take a look through our Core and Elite ranges. Don’t forget, we stock the much-loved EDGE GO pods, High VG e-liquid, EDGE Max e-liquid, and EDGE Base shortfill e-liquid.

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