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About EDGE

EDGE was developed in 2016 as a premium range of e-liquid, designed to offer e-cigarette users the best quality liquid possible at a price that's attractive and affordable.

When we first developed the first range of EDGE e-liquids, we wanted to make sure our customers could rely on EDGE for a perfect vaping experience. Soon after, we added our EDGE Max range for High VG flavours, our EDGE Nic Salts range for a more intense nicotine experience, before releasing our EDGE GO device for an even more convenient way to vape.

We began to see the enormous popularity of CBD and in 2018 produced our own line of CBD e-liquids and CBD Oral Sprays. We're proud to be able to offer the researched therapeutic benefits of CBD at an accessible price point.

In 2020, after years of research and development, we released the EDGE HYBRID. Designed to simulate the cigarette experience as closely as possible, we think the HYBRID represents the best alternative to smoking on the market today.

We soon realised the demand for EDGE far outstripped the local stores that offer our products. We're excited to now offer our e-liquids directly to customers in the UK and abroad at edgevaping.com.

All our e-liquids are produced right here in the UK at our newly redeveloped ISO-accredited production facility. We use only the highest quality ingredients available, and we pride ourselves on providing exceptional quality at a fantastic price.

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