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With a VG to PG ratio of 80/20, the Elite range of high VG e-liquids at EDGE Vaping is perfect for your sub-ohm vape device.

With essential flavours like peppermint, menthol, Heizen, mild tobacco and fine tobacco available, you're sure to find your new favourite all-day high VG vape juice in our range. We offer premium quality e-liquids without compromising on cost, so you can stock up on high-quality e-liquids without breaking the bank.

Don’t shy away from trying something new from our extensive high VG e-liquid collection. If you haven’t found what you were looking for, explore our full e-liquids collection today.

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More About This Range

Looking for huge clouds? Try the EDGE High VG E-Liquid

One of the most fun aspects of vaping can be the ability to create huge clouds when you exhale – with many vapers often competing or performing tricks with their vape clouds. Not all e-liquids can create huge clouds, so if this is what you are after, our range of high VG e-liquids are the perfect choice for you.

Each vaper has their preferences and wants something different from their vaping experience, but no one wants to compromise on taste or quality. Here, you will find the highest-quality high VG e-liquid around, so find your next staple flavour at incredible prices today. 

What e-liquid is high VG?

E-liquids are a mixture of a base, a flavouring, and nicotine. The base is a chemical that allows the liquid to be vaped, and in e-liquid manufacturing we make our base from vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol in different ratios. E-liquids that have a high vegetable glycerine ratio – or high VG e-liquid – are capable of producing much larger clouds than propylene glycol and are very popular.

Our EDGE high VG vape juice is available in a multitude of flavours, and offers a nicotine content of 3mg. Of course, vapers can always mix their high VG e-liquids with standard vape juice, or add a Nic shot if they prefer their vape a little stronger.

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Is high VG better?

Every vaper has different needs in terms of nicotine strength, e-liquid flavour, the smoothness of the intake and exhales, the throat hit, or even the size of the clouds they wish to produce. For vapers whose vape devices are made with lower resistance coils, high VG e-juice may be the better option. 

The resistance of a coil is measured in ohms, and a coil below 1ohm is considered on the lower end of the scale for a vape device. The reason why high VG vape juices work with lower resistance coils is that the high VG liquids are thicker and produce more vapour - in such coils, the e-liquid can be better absorbed and therefore create a better vaping experience.