How To Switch From Disposable Vapes To Refillable Kits


How To Switch From Disposable Vapes To Refillable Kits

In recent years, more adults than ever have made the switch from smoking to vaping. Many vape as a way to abstain from smoking cigarettes and according to research, vaping is the most effective quitting tool to help with this compared to other nicotine replacement therapy options.

And within this period of time, the amount of people opting to use disposable vapes as their preferred vape kit of choice has skyrocketed, and for fair reasons too. Disposable vapes are admittedly a convenient and hassle-free option for vaping, with these devices being ready to go out of the packet, with no refilling of vape juice, or maintenance to keep up with such as changing coils. 

However they have been at the heart of much controversy and as such, the days of disposable vapes being sold in England are numbered after the recent announcement from UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak who declared that disposable vapes will be banned. This comes as part of new regulations being launched in the country in the next 18 months becuase of risks to children and the environment.

Rishi Sunak Bans Disposable Vapes

You may be a vaper who relies on disposables to abstain from smoking, and concern may be setting in for how you will continue to vape once this disposable vape ban is enacted. Which is why we have written this blog to explain how you can easily make the switch from disposable vapes to something much more cost-effective as well as sustainable to the environment in the form of a refillable vape kit. 

We explore how much money you can save by using an alternative to disposable vapes, the costings of each individual thing as well as showcasing our latest range of 10ml nicotine salt e-liquid that have been inspired by popular disposable vape flavours that pair perfectly with the vape kits that we have on offer here at EDGE Vaping.

Disposable Vapes To Be Banned In The UK

On January 29th 2024, shock waves were sent throughout the vaping industry and community alike when Rishi Sunak announced that, following review of the consultation period responses, he and his Government would be making the bold decision to ban disposable vapes from sale in England.

There was no time frame given by the PM as to when this ban will come into action, but vapers around the country have already started preparing for a different future following speculation that it could be enforced within the next 18 months.

disposable vapes to be banned by law in the UK

Why Disposable Vapes Are Being Banned

Rishi Sunak made it clear as to the reason why he had made the decision to ban disposable vapes, and he's quoted as saying the following: 

"As Prime Minister I have an obligation to do what I think is the right thing for our country in the long term. That is why I am taking bold action to ban disposable vapes - which have driven the rise in youth vaping"

Despite a large number of adults using disposable vape kits, there's a large amount of children who are under the legal smoking age also using them which has caused a considerable amount of concern, especially from those who responded to the consultation period which was launched after the initial proposals were made in September. Therefore, the logical approach from the government is to ban disposable vapes from sale and begin bringing youth vaping numbers down considerably. 

vaping youth access concerns

And it's not just youth vaping which is the driving factor behind this decision to be made, as the harm that disposable vapes are having on the environment has reached concerning levels also. This is due to the fact that disposable vapes cannot be recycled, despite being made from plastic, because of the lithium-ion battery which is installed inside each device to power it.

Because of this, disposable vapes are classed as electronic waste and must be put into general waste rather than recycling as they are a solid single-unit. This is resulting in over 5 million used disposable vapes being dumped into landfill in the UK every week, this is a rise from the 1.3 million just a year prior. Disposable vapes are bad for the environment which is why the government are deciding to step in to improve this. 

Environment Secretary Steve Barclay said: 

"Not only are disposable vapes often targeted, unacceptably, at children - they also represent a huge and growing stream of hard-to-recycle waste, with nearly 5 million thrown away every week." 

"This historic announcement will be a powerful tool in support of our efforts to crack down on waste and boost recycling, as well as helping to create the first smokefree generation."

disposable vape waste

Will Vape Juice Flavours Be Banned? 

Another question which many vapers around the country have been left asking is the one above, and vape flavours were also mentioned to be on Rishi's radar, with regulations promised to be on the way for vape flavours. 

The PM plans to bring forward new powers which will be able to restrict vape flavours in the future. What this exactly entails is unknown yet, and speculation has been made that flavours will be restricted to tobacco, mint/menthol and simple fruit flavours. Meaning Strawberry Bubblegum or Cotton Candy Ice may become a thing of the past with these new regulations that have been proposed. 

Again, no date or time frame was given on this, but speculation has been made that this will come after the disposable vape ban has been put into force.

Why You Should Make The Switch From Disposables to Refillable Vape Kits

Whilst disposable vapes offer a convenient way to vape, they really are not the most cost-efficient way to vape, nor are they a sustainable way to vape as we explained above. 

These factors combined with the impending ban on disposables means that there really is never a better time to consider switching from disposables to a refillable kit. There are so many more advantages with moving from disposables to refillable vapes, and we will pick a few of them out and go over in detail below.


EDGE Vape Kit colleciton


More Vape Flavour Options Available

Whilst the disposable vape flavour market is fairly extensive, you get much more choice when it comes to buying 10ml bottles of e-liquid. Whilst Elf Bar may have 30+ different flavour disposables to choose from, here at EDGE we offer over 50 different flavours of vape juice which works perfectly in refillable vape devices.


Edge e liquid collection


Full Control of E-Liquid Type and Nicotine Strength

The standard nicotine strength that most disposable vapes are sold in is 20mg. This is because the vape juice used in disposables is nicotine salt, which means that a 20mg strength can be vaped without it giving a harsh throat hit, unlike what an 18mg freebase nicotine vape juice would do.

Nic salt e-liquid isn't for everyone though, and if you were to use a refillable device, you will have total control on what vape juice you use. This could be a low strength freebase e-liquid like 6mg. You can even try out High VG e-liquids if you get a device that's capable of sub-ohm vaping.

EDGE Elite & Elite HVG e liquids

Recharging Capability

Using refillable vape kits are great for having the ability to refill it with your e-liquid of choice, but another feature that they have which disposables do not, is that you can recharge your kit when the battery is running low and once it's charged, you can use it again with no concern!

Disposable vapes only last for a short period of time before the e liquid runs out or the small lithium-ion battery housed inside runs flat. Once either of these things happen, that's the end of your disposables life and it will be time to throw it away. 

No need to throw away your kit when those things happen, simply refill, recharge and continue vaping! 

Are Refillable Vape Devices More Expensive Than Disposables?

Another crucial question that you may be asking is the one above. Disposable vapes are very conveniently priced at around £6 per device, which does not exactly break the bank when you buy one. But just think if your disposable vape is only lasting you for one day before running out on you, you'll be spending £6 every day on disposables, that's £43 a week...£172 a month...£2064 a year you're spending just on disposable vapes! Whilst offering a convenient way to vape, consistently using disposable vapes could end up costing you considerably more money vs refillable kits

saving money by switching to refillable vapes

The initial cost of buying a refillable kit is always the most expensive part, but the money you save compared to frequently buying disposables is soon noticeable. 

You'll have maintenance costs which are not a lot when you look at them. The main thing you'll have to continuously buy would be your bottles of e liquid to ensure you never run out. As well as this, you'll also need to buy replacement coils for your vape or if you opted for a pod vape kit, you'll have to replace the pod rather than the coil, so replacement pods will have to be bought, but again, this are around the price of a singular disposable vape and they last much longer than one day!

Can I Get Disposable Vape Flavour E-Liquids in 10ml Bottles?

You may be hesitant to move away from disposable vaping because you enjoy the rich and mouth watering flavours of the e-liquids used in a disposable vape. 

This is why we have created our latest range of E-Liquids called Bar Salts. This range has been inspired by the popular flavours seen in disposable vapes, and made using the highest quality raw materials to produce a premium nic salt e-liquid that pairs perfectly with a refillable pod kit to replicate the experience of using disposable vapes, at a fraction of the cost! 

For just £3.50, which is just over half the price of a disposable that contains 2ml of vape liquid, you get 10ml of delicious disposable vape flavour that is paired with our nicotine salt formula to provide a smooth throat hit and maximum flavour. This range of disposable vape flavours has already proven a hit with our customers and we know you'd love them as well! Especialy if you take advantage of our 4 for £10 deal!

EDGE Bar Salts 4 for £10

If you love the flavour of the Blue Razz Lemonade Elf Bar, the best selling disposable vape on the market today, we know you'll be sure to love our Blue Raspberry Lemonade and if you liked the refreshing and fruity flavour of Lost Mary BM6000 Pink Lemonade, then we've got just the answer with our Pink Lemonade Bar Salts.

We've got the vape juice covered, but which vape kit is the right one to use with Bar Salts you may be asking. Let us explain...

What Is The Best Refillable Vape Kit Which Is Like A Disposable Vape?

The most natural upgrade would be going from disposable vapes to pod devices, simply because the features of a pod system are very close to those seen in disposable vapes. 

A lot of people will opt to use pod kits as these devices offer a tighter draw and a better tasting vape as they are not high powered devices and are designed for mouth-to-lung vaping which is exactly what disposable vapes are designed for.

Vape pod kits are great because they are easy to use and extremely user friendly, even if you've never used a refillable vape kit before! All you have to do is simply fill the pod with your Bar Salts, connect the pod with your device and then inhale. It's really as easy as that!

We stock many different types of pod vape kits here at EDGE. The Aspire R1 is one of the best starter kits for if you're looking to move away from disposables to a refillable pod kit. An extremely user friendly device that is good to go out of the packet, all you have to do is refill the pod with e-liquid as well as recharge it when the battery begins to run down and it's as easy as that!


Aspire R1 vape kit


Another great device that we have on offer is the Vaporesso Xros 3 Pod kit. Vaporesso pod kits come with everything you need to get you started. The device, a charging cable and 2 replacement pods. You can pair this device with any of our incredible Bar Salts for a true disposable-like experience. But you don't have to just use Bar Salts with them as using refillable kits allow you to have the full choice over what vape juice you use and what strength nicotine you want to go for as well. 


Vaporesso Xros 3 pod vape kit


When it comes to picking yourself the best alternative for disposable vapes, try to opt for pod kits as pod kits are easy and extremely user friendly which is exactly what you want from a vaping device!

Consider A Prefilled Pod Kit For Vaping Convenience

If you're looking for an even more convenient way to vape that doesn't involve filling your vape pod up with e-liquid, it might be worth considering to use a prefilled pod vape kit. 

The EDGE GO is our own pre-filled pod kit that offers an easy and convenient way to vape. This device used pods which are already pre-fill with e-liquid, with 2ml of e-liquid per pod which means no refilling is required. When the vape juice in your pod runs out, simply take out the pod and replace it with a new pod and continue vaping. 

The EDGE GO Pods use freebase nicotine vape liquid, and are available in 6 different flavours with 5 different nicotine strengths, tapered so that they suit your individual nicotine needs. 


EDGE GO vape bundle