How do I vape big clouds?

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How do I vape big clouds?

For some vapers part of the appeal of vaping is producing large clouds of vapour. If you’re interested in vaping bigger clouds, there are a couple of things you can try.

The easiest way is to try vaping with High Vegetable Glycerol (HVG) e-liquids, however vape mods and even changing how you inhale and exhale can have an effect on the size of your vape clouds! 

HVG e-liquids are specially blended to contain a higher Vegetable Glycerol content. As the ingredient in e-liquids that produces the well-known vapour clouds, higher levels of Vegetable Glycerol result in thicker and larger clouds. EDGE HVG e-liquids all contain an 80% VG ratio.

This lowers the Propylene Glycol percentage and leads to a lower dose of nicotine in HVG e-liquids, however we ensure that EDGE HVG e-liquids always contain just as much award-winning flavour as our 50/50 blends. If you’re interested in vaping with HVG e-liquids, the EDGE Elite HVG range has a selection of unique flavours, which provide all the fun of chasing huge vape clouds without compromising on taste.

Another way vapers increase the size of their clouds is by using vape mods. Increasing the power of a vaping device or the air-flow through the atomizer and over the coil will cause vapour to be produced at a faster rate. ‘Sub-ohm’ vaping, a style of vaping that uses coils with less than one ohm of resistance, is a vape mod well-known for producing particularly large clouds.

As appealing as big clouds are, vape mods can be difficult and even dangerous for less experienced vapers. If you’re committed to chasing huge clouds, make sure to do the proper research before moving on to more advanced vape devices.

For newer vapers a more accessible method of making larger clouds can be to slightly adjust their vaping technique. Small changes to the way you inhale and exhale while using a vaping device can affect the clouds produced.

Try leaning forward slightly and straightening back up as you inhale. Straightening up while inhaling naturally opens up the lungs and allows more vapour to enter them.

While exhaling, try pushing out your lower jaw slightly. This technique opens up the throat and allows vapour to escape more easily at a normal, steady rate of exhalation.

A final trick is to purse your lips towards the end of your exhalation. This creates a powerful blast of air and helps release any remaining vapour inside the mouth and throat, propelling it out into an impressive cloud.

Whether you choose to practice vaping techniques, dive deeper into the world of vape mods or check out our great range of HVG e-liquids, we wish you the best of luck on your cloud chasing journey.