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How to refill an e-cig

In the electronic cigarette world, there are three different types of tank depending on the device used – and these are cartomizers, clearomizers, and atomizers. While all fulfilling the same use, on a fundamental level there are slight differences that need to be understood when refilling an e-cig – and as a result it is important to understand the anatomy of an e-cigarette. All e-cigs comprise of a battery, a tank and an atomizer. The battery powers the atomizer, which contains a coil wrapped around a wick that soaks up the e-liquid, all of which are housed within a tank. Depending on size, this tank can hold up to 3-4ml of liquid per refill. While all e-cigs contain atomizers, an atomizer can also function in absence of a tank; and they’re generally favoured by seasoned vapers. Below are generic instructions as to how to re-fill your e-cigarette.



Follow these steps to refill an e-cigarette:
  1. Take off the mouthpiece and the battery from the clearomizer.
  2. Place the nozzle on inside wall being careful to avoid the center tubing.
  3. Squeeze e liquid in to fill the clearomizer using the clear window to ensure you do not fill past the top.
  4. Return the mouthpiece and battery onto the clearomizer.
  5. Inhale short drags to prepare the e-cigarette for best vapor performance

How to refill an e-cig cartomizer

Much like a Zippo lighter, cartomizers are filled with a material called poly-fill. An absorbent artificial filler – and similar to a Zippo lighter – these can be refilled simply by removing the cap and dripping e-liquid on to the material. Once the material has absorbed the liquid, the cap can be replaced and used to vape. It is worth noting however that cartomizers are gradually being phased out due to their inefficiency and levels of maintenance needed to keep them working. Many cartomizers are single-use only, and as a result are not considered to be great value for money.


How to refill an e-cig clearomizer

Clearomizers work in a similar fashion to cartomizers, but instead of using a poly-fill material, the e-cig uses a tank which holds the e-liquid, allowing it to be absorbed by the wick. When re-filling, the important factor to note is the position of the coil – the component that helps the liquid on the wick to evaporate – as this determines which end of the tank to detach.

Top coil clearomizers

A top coil clearomizer is the easiest to refill as the e-liquid is fed from the top and the position of the coil helps to create a pleasant warm vapour, but these can be unreliable due to the need for the wick to be repeatedly wettened for a consistent vaping experience.

Bottom coil clearomizers

A bottom coil clearomizer produces a cool, high quality vapour with a wick that is constantly submerged therefore staying wet until the tank is empty. These types of clearomizer need to be unscrewed and re-filled through the bottom of the tank – although a tad fiddly, the bottom positioned coil is the most common format in the range.


Multiple coil clearomizers

Multiple coils, as the name suggests, allow for a more equal evaporation of the e-liquid, and produces an even cooler vapour than a bottom coil design while also being refilled through the base. The greatest issue with the multiple coil design is that the battery will drain faster due to the additional power needed.

How to refill an e-cig drip-fed atomizer

Touted by proficient vapers as the ultimate e-cigarette, drip-fed atomizers provide a stronger tasting flavour, but as a result can be rather inconvenient to use. This is mainly because an atomizer e-cig needs constant refilling for the ‘perfect hit’, as the e-liquid is dripped directly onto the coil, avoiding the unpleasant ‘burnt’ flavour often associated with other forms of e-cigarette. This method also allows the user to change flavours more often without them ‘bleeding’ into one another. However, as each refill only contains between 3-12 drips of liquid, the refill process can quickly become a messy affair. For those looking for the ultimate vaping experience though, dripping is the only way to go.