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Our new pod system device gives you an exceptionally easy way to vape - simply pop in an EDGE pod to the GO device and draw – no messy e-liquids of settings to worry about. Packed with satisfying tobacco and menthol flavours, our pods will last you a long time and won’t cost you the earth.

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The EDGE GO Pod E-Cig – Join The Vape Pod Revolution


The EDGE GO device has become hugely popular with our customers since its introduction. Our pod cigarette system allows you to switch between flavours by simply ejecting the old vape pod and inserting the new one. No mess. No hassle. With a great variety of flavours to choose from, why not give our cost-effective pod e-cig system a go?


For many vapers, dealing with e liquid refills can be a nightmare – especially when you’re on the go. That’s why we designed the EDGE GO device from the ground up to help you stay satiated throughout the day. Weighing only a few grams, and with a long battery life, the EDGE GO is easy to carry around in your pocket along with some spare e-cigarette pods in case you fancy a different flavour. With multiple different strengths of vape pods available, the EDGE Go pod e-cigarette is a fantastic way to reduce your dependency on nicotine.