Top 10 Menthol E-liquids You Need To Try

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Top 10 Menthol E-liquids You Need To Try

A little over a year ago the ‘Menthol Ban’ was introduced across the U.K. The legislation prohibited the production and sale of menthol flavoured cigarettes as part of an effort to make smoking less appealing to young and new users.

The ‘Menthol Ban’ does not apply to electronic cigarettes and vape liquids. An independent review commissioned by Public Health England noted that “there is insufficient evidence that e-cigarettes [...] act as a gateway to smoking”, although ASH and most industry authorities  agree that “continued surveillance is needed”.

However, there are no plans at present to restrict the production or sale of any e-liquid flavours, which means that vapers are free to continue exploring new flavours and enjoying their old favourites.

Menthol is a classic, refreshing and ever-popular e-liquid flavour. Because they can be reminiscent of menthol cigarettes, menthol e-liquids are sometimes popular with ex-smokers who vape as an alternative to smoking.

However, for some other vapers they can help to create distance between vaping and smoking, particularly when combined with other flavours, such as fruits.

Whether you just want to spice up your e-liquid rotation or are on the hunt for the best menthol e-liquid out there, you’re sure to find a favourite at EDGE. This list of our all time top menthol e-liquid flavours is the perfect starting point for finding your next go-to vape juice.

1. Very Menthol

Very Menthol is our all-time best seller for a reason. Packed with plenty of punch, this e-liquid mixes a double-shot of ice cool menthol with a crisp twist of peppermint. A strong and refreshing vape juice, which is a consistent favourite with our customers. Very Menthol is available in pre-filled GO and HYBRID pods, as well as single refills and a limited edition twin pack, so it’s a perfect choice for any vape kit.

2. Menthol Mojito

A new addition to our extensive range of e-liquid flavours is Bar Salts. This is nicotine salt based e liquid which has been inspired by popular flavours of disposable vapes but now available in 10ml bottle. Menthol Mojito is a fantastic mixture of mint, menthol and lime to really make your mouth feel refreshed.

3. Elite Menthol

A popular, pure menthol flavour that does away with the peppermint twist found in Very Menthol and focuses instead on an ice cold hit of sweet mint. We stock a wide range of differently balanced menthol blends at EDGE, so that everyone can find an e-liquid for their tastes.

Elite Menthol is available as a standard or an HVG e-liquid, which means it can be used with standard devices or sub-ohm vaping mods.

4. Mint Blast

Our Mint Blast is another menthol e-liquid that highlights the sweet flavours of mint, instead of relying on pure menthol, which can sometimes be too heavy-hitting. The interwoven mint profiles create a well-balanced blend, which is light and fresh with an uplifting cool sensation.

5. Cherry Ice Menthol

Sweet mint and juicy fruit are a classic flavour combination, from summer fruit salads to thirst-quenching mojitos. For a fruity twist, our Cherry Ice Menthol is a great pick. Starting with rich Maraschino cherry notes, this e-liquid is finished with a blast of cool menthol. 

6. Bar Salts Menthol 

Another good choice for fans of mint is our new Bar Salts Menthol. A classic menthol flavour with a sweet twist combined with smooth and satisfying nicotine salts.

7. Heizen

An instantly recognisable EDGE flavour, Heizen is our distinctive menthol and fruit mix. This e-liquid combines sweet blue raspberry and fresh white grape with a kick of menthol and spicy aniseed for a truly unique flavour.

A reliable favourite, Heizen is available as a Standard, Nicotine Salts or HVG e-liquid. Whether you want high nicotine levels with a low throat hit, to exhale the biggest clouds, or to enjoy all day vaping, Heizen is a good option for all vapers.

8. Berry Mint  

Part of the EDGE Base range, our Berry Mint e-liquid is a 0mg HVG Short-Fill vape juice. Short-Fill are perfect for experienced vapers who want to vape without nicotine or are confident adding nic shots to their refill e-liquids. A mix of sweet blueberries and refreshing spearmint, Berry Mint is a delightful menthol blend.

 9. Mango Ice Menthol 

Our Mango Ice Menthol branches out from the expected fruit and menthol flavours. This e-juice combines rich, summery mango with a cooling menthol wave, which is much more gentle than the ice cold blast of Black Ice or Cherry Ice Menthol.

Available in prefilled GO pods and as an HVG Max vape juice, Mango Ice Menthol can be enjoyed by both new and more experienced vapers.

10. Elite Fruit Chill 

Last, but certainly not least, we have a fun, tropical twist on the fruit and mint mix. The light and smooth Elite Fruit Chill joins sweet nectarine and tart apricot notes with a refreshingly crisp menthol. A menthol vape juice that truly brings something new to the classic flavour.

All EDGE e-liquids are made in ISO class seven cleanrooms at our state of the art, U.K based facility and batch tested. When you vape with EDGE, you can trust our high standards. We hope you enjoy testing and finding our best menthol e-liquid flavours and look forward to hearing your feedback.