Why does my clearomizer leak?

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Why does my clearomizer leak?
Clearomizers - or tanks – can get quite expensive nowadays. And as a result, it can be quite disheartening to notice that yours has started to leak within a short-time of purchase. There are, however, a number of reasons why this can happen – but fortunately, it doesn’t always mean you need to buy a new one. So, why does my clearomizer leak? A leaking clearomizer can be the result of broken seals between components, or possibly due to a bad connection between the clearomizer itself and the battery. It could even be that the coil is not secured correctly, or that the tank has been overfilled.

Are there any broken seals?

Many e-cig tanks are modular and can therefore be disassembled down to their constituent components for the sake of cleaning. Manufacturers use rubber seals to prevent the e-liquid leaking from between these components when the e-cigarette is in use. However, over time these seals can become brittle due to heat exposure and ultimately need replacing. Luckily, you can pick up replacement seals for next to nothing on sites such as eBay.

Do I have any bad connections?

As the coil connects directly to the battery, if the clearomizer is not screwed in correctly, or there is some gunk preventing it from doing so, make sure that you clean both connections using a cotton bud and rubbing alcohol before reattaching them to one another.

Are my coils unsecured?

Most coils are designed to either slide or be screwed into place. However, occasionally the coil can be left unsecured when it is inserted. To remedy this, make sure that the coil is not a cheap third-party replacement, and that it is firmly in place before the device is re-assembled.

Have I overfilled my tank?

While you should endeavour to not let your tank run too low on e-liquid to keep the wick saturated, you should also be careful not to fill the tank too full when you refill. Since the introduction of the TPD law, tanks are required to hold no more than 2ml of e-liquid at any time and overfilling will undoubtedly end in a leakage.

Why does my clearomizer leak when its not in use?

Whenever you aren’t using your e-cigarette, be sure to store it in an upright position. If an e-cigarette is left on its side, then e-liquid can seep through the tiny holes in the coil and out of the air flow vents.

Why does my clearomizer leak when I change my juice?

If you use a high propylene glycol e-liquid, the lack of viscosity can allow it to seep through the components in a way that thicker vegetable glycerin based e-liquid can’t. If you can, try switching to an e-liquid with a higher VG content and the chances of leakage can be minimised.

Should I invest in a more expensive leak-resistant clearomizer?

While the chances of continuous leakage are limited if you follow the steps above, to avoid the issue completely you can always purchase a more premium clearomizer that is marketed on the basis that it is leak-proof. While they may be a little more costly, for some vapers, the knowledge that they are safe from leaks is worth the extra cash.

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