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Vaping Demystified

Despite its ever-increasing public profile, vaping is still dogged by a consistent stream of misinformation and sensationalist reporting that has left many smokers doubting the relevance of vaping as a...

EDGE – Quality & Compliance Without Compromise

Vaping is regulated under the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) to protect consumers and ensure the safety of all products.

Our mission: to be the safest vaping brand in the world

Since its foundation, EDGE has been committed to manufacturing the safest vaping products in the world.

Should I worry about Fire Risk if I vape indoors?

Smoking is the largest cause of domestic fire fatalities. Vaping relies on atomisation rather than combustion, so the level of fire risk from vaping is rare compared to traditional...

Is there a risk from secondhand vaping?

The evidence that secondhand smoke causes harm is well-known. The harmful chemicals produced when cigarettes burn pollute the air and negatively impact not only the health of smokers, but...

What is ASH?

ASH stands for Action on Smoking and Health. It is a public health charity group that was founded in 1971 by the Royal College of Physicians

EDGE: safety results above and beyond TPD regulations

As part of our commitment to making the safest e-liquids in the world, EDGE commissioned an independent Toxicology Study. 

Is it safe to vape if I have pets?

The dangers of secondhand smoking are well known and can affect pets as well as human bystanders. 

EDGE Toxicology: The Science of Success

Discover the exciting results of an independent toxicology report that proves EDGE vape liquid is clean and safe beyond all expectations.