No Smoking or Vaping Sign

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No Smoking or Vaping Sign

We’re all familiar with the classic ‘No Smoking’ sign, here’s a reminder if not:

No smoking sign

You may however be less familiar with the ‘No Vaping’ sign. They haven’t appeared in many places however they are becoming more common as time progresses. As discussed in the Khan Report, there are national plans for the UK to potentially expand on restrictions to create ‘clean air zones’ and we don’t just mean in terms of vehicle pollution.

Should the suggestion by Mr Khan be put into practice to help achieve a smokefree 2023, we could see cigarettes banned in far more places, including outside pubs and bars. This also extends to vaping devices and e-liquids, something the Khan Report highlights as a vital tool in tobacco harm reduction.

While of course the restrictions won’t mean vaping is as policed as smoking, it does mean that vaping may be banned in certain outdoor areas to create these clean air zones. Take note of these signs and look out for them, as if you get caught lighting up or puffing on a vape near them, you could get in trouble or worse face a fine!

What does a No Vaping sign look like?

If you haven’t already seen one, the no vaping sign takes most of its inspiration from it’s No Smoking equivalent, and looks like this:

No Vaping Sign

Insert No Vaping Sign

Sometimes, the signs will be combined into a two-for one ‘No Vaping or Smoking’ sign. This one looks like this:

no e-cigarettes and no smoking combined sign

If you happen to be in need of a sign like this, feel free to copy and paste it from this blog as a rough-and ready stop-gap, or visit a trusted retailer to get hold of one of your own – Amazon has plenty of options for you to choose from!