Introducing: The Aspire Zelos 3 Mod Kit

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Introducing: The Aspire Zelos 3 Mod Kit

The Aspire Zelos 3 is a mod vape kit from legendary vaping brand Aspire, known for producing some of the most popular vaping devices out there. As a mod, this kit is highly versatile, with a massive 3200mAh battery and the latest (at the time of writing) Nautilus 3 tank, which can even be removed and replaced with another tank of your choosing if you wish, unlike AIO kits like the EDGE pro.

This kit is designed to satisfy all your vaping needs, whether that means a low vapour 50-50 mouth-to-lung (MTL) style experience, or a full-on cloud chasing direct-to-lung High-VG vaping experience. With a power output range of 5-80 watts, the Zelos 3 gives you an unbelievable amount of freedom, if you are willing to learn how to use it!

To keep you in control of the device, the Zelos 3 has a 0.96 TFT colour screen displaying important data including wattage, battery life and a puff counter for those tracking their use. The screen has adjustable brightness, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor vaping, and can be customised with your choice of 5 colour options.

Like any good mod, the Zelos has plenty of advanced features including internal chips that regulate performance, and distinct vaping modes that utilise the devices power in different ways:

  • Bypass Mode – delivers the full power of the battery to the coil without being moderated by its internal chipset, meaning the power will be higher at a full charge and drop as the charge depletes.
  • Temperature Control Mode (TC) – this is all about the resistance of your chosen coil, in TC mode you set the coil resistance yourself and the mod then regulates the devices power accordingly as it heats up, keeping a consistent temperature to deliver more consistent flavour and extended coil lifespan.
  • CPS mode stands for custom power settings, unlike variable wattage this mode actually lets you set a custom ‘curve’ that means when you take a puff on the device, it will for example start at 50 watts as you begin the inhale, dropping down to 40 by the end of the drag. For some people this is far too complex but others like the tailored experience this allows.
  • Variable wattage mode is the most approachable mode for those les versed in mod vaping devices, as it is found in many other vape kits. It just means you can manually adjust the power output of the Zelos to suit the coil you have chosen but within an acceptable range, giving you a little more customisation to fine tune your experience.

Aspire Zelos 3 Key Features

  • Long-lasting 3200mAh battery
  • USB-C fast charging
  • Multiple e-liquid types supported
  • Multiple coil options
  • Modular design allows you to swap vape tanks
  • Multiple advanced modes for maximum customisation
  • 80 watt maximum power output


  • Enough features and power to satisfy any vaping need including sub-ohm
  • Universal 510 threading means the battery will accept most vape tanks
  • A very good battery size that if used at lower power modes for 50-50 vaping can last over a day


  • A highly advanced kit that may be too complex for beginners
  • More expensive due to being high-tech, a big investment at the start of your journey for a kit you may not even end up making the most of unless you want to learn about all its different modes

Zelos 3 Performance

The Zelos 3 performs incredibly well across multiple e-liquid types, however, to get the most out of each you will need to learn about its different modes and ensure you are matching the right juice to the right coil and adjusting the wattage accordingly to ensure you have a pleasant experience.

Once you have your setup worked out, this kit offers excellent flavour and vapour delivery, with a smooth draw.

Zelos 3 Battery Life

The Zelos 3 has a big battery rated at 3200mAh, which means it has plenty of staying power. This does of course change significantly the higher you turn up the watts. If you run this kit as a sub-ohm device, you can expect to get a day, or just under a days’ worth of use between charges. If you run it at a lower power setting for 50-50 vaping however, you could see the battery life extend beyond a day, making it a very long-lasting kit.

Zelos 3 Nautilus 3 Tank and Coils

The nautilus 3 tank is the latest in the nautilus series from Aspire, and it has been popular for a reason. The tanks is sleek and stylish, but also supports the excellent nautilus coil series, available in 1.6ohm BVC for MTL vaping using 50-50 or nic salt vape liquids, 0.7ohm for a more balanced MTL or DTL experience, and 0.3ohm Mesh for a more enhanced high-VG experience.

As this is a mod kit, the nautilus tank can be removed and replaced with any tank of your choosing thanks to the battery utilising the common 510 threading, which makes it compatible with many different tanks including those form other brands.

The Zelos 3 and Your Journey

The Zelos 3 is not the easiest kit for new vapers, but for those willing to take the time to learn how it works it could be the only kit you’ll ever need on your journey! If you are interested in this kind of mod, we recommend checking out our guide, How to Vape Properly which explains all the basics and should help you get your head around this advanced kit.