Vaping Guide: How To Vape Properly

Vaping, while simple in essence, can be a complicated thing to get familiar with, especially for those who have been used to the objective simplicity of a traditional cigarette.

Complete with a handy FAQ section and jargon-buster; our Vaping Guide is designed to give new and potential vapers the ultimate starting point - providing comprehensive and concise information that guides them through the basics of the vaping world, and how to find the perfect combination of products for your ideal vaping journey.

It might seem simple to pick up a vape and start your journey but there is much to learn in order to do it properly. Explore our guide to find answers to your vaping questions, learn about device types, e-liquid varieties and understand the tools you need to get the most from your vaping experience.

Finding Your Ideal Device

There are a massive amount of vaping devices available on the market for you to choose from. This can make the process challenging and quite daunting for those new to vaping in general.

Despite the range of brands and models, most devices can be broken down into one of 4 main categories:

  • All-In-One (AIO)
  • Pod
  • Mod
  • Pod-Mod

Learn more about how these devices work, how to pair them with your chosen e-liquid, coils and why they could benefit your lifestyle here.

Understanding E-Liquid

Finding an e-liquid that meets your preferences is an important part of starting your vaping journey in the right way - not only that, but it can also make narrowing down your ideal device type that much easier.Most e-liquid will contain 4 primary ingredients:

  • Propylene Glycol (PG)
  • Vegetable Glycerol (VG)
  • Nicotine (either freebase or salt)
  • Flavourings

These ingredients can be combined in many different ways to create the different types of e-liquid available for purchase. Learn more about how these ingredients work in the full guide.

The most common e-liquids available include:

  • 50-50
  • Nic Salt
  • High-VG

Discover more about these e-liquid varieties and more in the full guide.

Understanding Your Coils

Coils are a vital part of any e-cigarette, and are one of the few parts that require regular replacement by the user. Different combinations of coils and e-liquids create different vaping experiences that must be tailored to your own needs & preferences.

Coils come in different metallic materials which can include:

  • Kanthal
  • Nichrome (Nickel-Chrome alloy)
  • Titanium
  • Nickel
  • Stainless Steel

In addition to the material the coil is made from, you should also take care to ensure the correct “ohm” rating for your intended device and e-liquid.

Coils have a rating given in ohms (a unit of electrical resistance) the ohm rating determines how much power is needed to vape properly.

Thicker HVG e-liquids are better suited to coils rated below 1.0ohm, whereas 50-50s are better used with those above 1.0ohm – to discover everything you need to know about coils to make the most out of your vaping experience, view the full guide.