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Awaken your senses with the EDGE Menthol collection. The range of e-liquids at EDGE is carefully designed and manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring that each batch delivers the best-quality vaping experience possible.

Using leading manufacturing processes led by our specialist team, the menthol e-liquid range is available in a range of e-liquid forms that are adaptable to your vaping needs. Whatever your preferred vaping device, we have a suitable menthol e-liquid for you. What is more, the collection of menthol e-liquids comes in a variety of nicotine strengths, so you can choose the exact amount that you need.

From the award-winning and best-selling Very Menthol e-liquid, to smooth Spearmint and crisp Peppermint, our delightfully cooling e-liquid blends are perfect for any menthol-seekers looking to enjoy the height of refreshment. View the range below and find your next vaping menthol e-liquid. Shop today and receive free delivery on orders over £15.

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More About This Range

More About Menthol E-Liquids at EDGE

Made using the finest ingredients in a bespoke ISO class 8 clean facility and fully batch tested, EDGE’s products represent the very best of British menthol e-liquid. 

When you choose EDGE, you choose one of the best menthol e-liquid ranges in the UK. These flavours have been expertly produced and blended to create the highest-quality menthol e-liquid available. All of our ingredients are fully traceable, meaning that each menthol e-liquid bottle is at a premium standard. With unbeatable prices, you are opting for the best menthol vaping experience with no compromise on cost. 

Nicotine strengths for all

The leading manufacturing team blends pharmaceutical-grade nicotine into our menthol e-liquids. We understand that each vaper has different nicotine needs, so we offer a great choice of varying nicotine strengths to satisfy your cravings. Choose from 6mg, 12mg and 18mg in our menthol e-liquids, GO Pods, and cartomisers. Some e-liquids even come in 3mg nicotine strength, for those who want a smaller nicotine hit without sacrificing the taste of the very best menthol flavouring around. For those looking for a higher nicotine intake, we stock GO Smooth Pods in our popular Very Menthol flavour, available in 10mg and 20mg nicotine strengths.

Menthol flavourings our customers love

Our menthol e-liquids have long been a customer favourite, and for good reason. The refreshing, crisp flavour of menthol is a welcome taste all day long. Choose from a range of menthol strengths, from milder menthol tastes to a full ice blast of freshness.

For even more flavouring options, browse our range of  e-liquids, short fills, high VG e-liquid, and e-cigarette pods