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EDGE will be retiring the remainder of its Base range of eliquids in June 23. 

EDGE is committed to its focus in providing incredible 10ml and pod based eliquids as we look to support those looking to find an alternative to tobacco based products.

EDGE Base is our shortfill e-liquid range, designed to work in tandem with our Nic Shot to give you a fantastically flavoursome High VG vape.  If you like to make copious clouds without sacrificing on taste, you will definitely find a flavour for you here.

Thanks to our extensive shortfill e-liquid collection, you have a number of delicious flavours to choose from. If you want to try even more flavour options, explore our full e-liquids collection today.

EDGE Vaping is at your side for every step of your vaping journey. Shop with us today and take advantage of free delivery on orders over £15.

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More About This Range

More About This Range


Our standard e-liquids come in a range of nicotine concentrations, allowing you to quickly top up your e-cigarette when you’re on the go. As vapers become more experienced, however, they often prefer to experiment with the way they vape and customise the experience to their preferences. Shortfills are popular with vapers as they contain no nicotine until a Nic shot is added. A Nic shot is a flavourless 18mg infusion of nicotine, which you can combine with an entire bottle of a flavoured shortfill to provide a mixed e-liquid at a 3mg concentration.

What are the main advantages of shortfills?

They'll help you save money. You can mix larger volumes of e-liquid with nic shots, giving you more bang for your buck. As the cost of living keeps rising, this is a popular way for our customers to save on vaping – that goes double if you start a subscription!

Free up pocket space. With shortfills, there is no longer any need to transport several tiny 10ml bottles of vape juice. Having to carry multiple bottles is cumbersome and takes the simplicity away from vaping. With shortfills, you will need fewer bottles for the same amount of e-liquid, making vaping on the go a much more pleasant experience.

Shortfills are quick and simple to prepare. All you have to do is open the shortfill container, add one or two 10ml nic shots - depending on nicotine cravings and tolerance - and shake.

Who are shortfills best for?

Any vaper looking to stock up on lots of e-liquids at the most cost-effective prices should consider a shortfill. Shortfills are especially great for the following vapers to save even more money:

  • Everyday vapers
  • Sub-ohm users
  • Vapers who enjoy regularly trying new flavours

Of course, shortfills are flexible, and you can choose exactly how much of each you wish to combine – allowing you to customise your shortfill vaping experience however you wish. Here at EDGE, we noticed the popularity of shortfills, and that’s why we’ve created a range of fantastic flavours to suit even the most demanding tastebuds. So why not take your vaping to a new level with the EDGE e-liquid shortfill system?

Looking for a different way to revolutionise your vaping experience? Why not check out our range of disposable vape pods and e-liquids, or pick up an EDGE cartomizer? We also have a wide range of practical items such as vape coils to make it easier than ever to enjoy vaping your way.