Is high VG juice right for you?

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Is high VG juice right for you?

Is high VG juice right for you? This blog aims to offer some information and guidance on how whether or not high VG juice is the right and preferred thing for you. Initially, when vaping first built up a bigger following, high PG (Propylene Glycol) was often more popular than high VG. However, as vaping has grown into the industry that it is today, VG has grown with it. With a multitude of different things to consider when deciding whether or not high VG is for you, it’s important to have the knowledge to make an informed decision. 

So what is VG?

VG is a naturally occurring chemical which is extracted from vegetable oils and stands for Vegetable Glycerine, and often produces larger vapour clouds as well as adding a slightly sweeter taste to your e-liquid. VG is a much preferred for sub-ohm vaping, offering a thicker feeling to vaping. 

What is PG?

PG is a by-product of petroleum and stands for propylene glycol. With a lower viscosity than VG, you will find that the throat hit is much harsher than VG and will in turn give you a cigarette-like experience. 

New to Vaping?

If you’re used to vaping and have been doing it for some time then VG may be for you. If you are a beginner in the world of vaping, high VG probably isn’t the obvious place to start. As mentioned, PG is a lot less viscous than VG and in turn, means that it can work more effectively on a beginner’s atomizer. 

Throat Hits

If you’re looking for a smooth throat hit as opposed to a harsh one, high VG is something that you should be looking into. However, although PG better simulates the feeling of smoking, you will find that the longer you have been on the vaping scene, the desire to smoke becomes less. This therefore opens the opportunity to move to high VG once those cravings have dissipated. So, it really depends on how important a throat hit is to you. If you’re looking for a more harsh throat hit then you should be looking at PG as opposed to VG. 


VG has a naturally sweeter flavour than PG, however, PG is better for retaining the flavours added and it is this reason that food flavourings are often added to the mixture. Due to high VG obtaining a sweetness to its flavour, it can often become overwhelming if you’re wanting more savoury flavours and in this instance you want to be looking at a low VG. 

Vapour Production 

For a lot of people who have been vaping over a long period of time, the vapour output created is an important aspect that needs to be considered. VG is renowned for its thicker consistency than PG, meaning that it is often a better choice for producing vast vapour clouds. If you are someone who is wanting to enter competitions or experiment with different tricks, high VG will work best for this. 


As previously mentioned, high VG is renowned for having a much higher viscosity than PG and it will therefore make a difference when it comes to what type of atomiser you have. The intricacies of the atomiser involves heating the coil in order to vaporise the vape juice within the wick and with a high VG e-liquid, you will find that the wick is unable to soak it up as fast.

In turn, this can result in the vaping experience becoming a lot more dry and spoiling the sensation.

If you’re wanting to use high VG e-liquid without the added problems of dryness then it is recommended that you use sub-ohm tanks– these are, however, more catered to experienced vapers.We hope that this blog has offered some insightful information so that you can make the decision whether or not you think that high VG is for you. Here at Edge, we are proud to stock an extensive selection of e-liquids that come in a whole host of stunning flavours, so that you can find the perfect vape juice for you.