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How to Vape

There’s no need for e-cigarettes and vaping to be mysterious or daunting to new users. The fundamentals of vaping are simple, straightforward and accessible to everyone.

How do vapes work?

A detailed breakdown of how vaping works, including useful information about e-liquids, battery power and atomisers...

Is Vaping Expensive?

At EDGE, we believe that quality vaping products should be available to anyone who wants to make the journey to living smoke-free. 

Best e-liquid flavours and strengths to use with the GO

The GO is a great device for new vapers because of its simple to use pod system and compact, discrete design. 

Which EDGE device is right for you?

When making the switch from smoking to vaping, choosing the right device is an essential step. 

Best e-liquid flavours and strengths to use with the PRO

The wide variety of flavours and strengths available can make this task daunting, but a few simple choices can quickly reveal the perfect e-liquid for you.

Best e-liquid flavours and strengths to use with the HYBRID

After selecting a suitable vaping device, new vapers need to choose e-liquids to use with it. 

Meet the EDGE GO

With a classic look, portable design and seamless pod switching, vaping couldn’t be easier with the GO. 


The HYBRID was designed with attention to detail for a seamless switch from smoking to vaping.

Meet the EDGE PRO

Our best-selling free-pour device, the PRO, is the perfect device to dive into our extensive award-winning free-pour e-liquids and maximise savings on vaping.