How To Vape in 2024 - A Guide For Beginners

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How To Vape in 2024 - A Guide For Beginners

In 2023/24, the number of adults who are current users of e cigarettes reached heights previously never seen before as more people are making the switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping. Switching to vaping may be something you're wanting to do yourself but not sure where to start. This is why we have written this guide as an introduction to vaping to anyone who is looking to embark on their own vaping journey.

We will explain everything you need to know about vaping and ensure that by the end of this, you will have an in depth knowledge about vaping and be able to make informed decisions on how to vape in 2024, and quit smoking for good!

Understanding the Basics of Vaping

Here we will break down the most vital cornerstones of vaping, from how to choose the right tech for the job, to finding the perfect e liquid for your needs:

Choosing the Right Vape Device for Beginners

There are so many different vape devices on the market today that choosing the right device for you can be a bit complicated, especially if you are new to vaping. We will explore this in more depth further on in this blog, but all you'll need is a basic vape starter kit for your first device. 

The bigger devices that can produce plumes of thick vape clouds may look visually appealing, and while these do serve a purpose, they're not aimed at vapers who have recently stopped smoking and started vaping as this is a very different vape style as we explain below.

Understanding Vape Kits

Despite the numerous designs available, all e-cigarettes work on a similar principle. A large battery heats a metal coil that is surrounded by an absorbent material (or wick) that is saturated in a substance known as e-liquid. This heat causes the e-liquid in the material to evaporate into a vapour that you then inhale.

The e-liquid and coil are stored in a clearomizer - or as it is more commonly known today, a tank - and this tank will constantly need topping up with e-liquid depending on how often you use the device.

Luckily, you don’t need to possess an in-depth knowledge of compatibility between these parts as many e-cigarettes are sold as a set. The only details you need to keep in mind are which coils you use (so you can order replacements), and which e-liquid you prefer.

While enthusiasts enjoy experimenting with different styles of vaping and different forms of e-liquid, if you want to learn how to vape then you can easily ignore this side of the culture, as 95% of vapers who use e-cigarettes do so with the sole purpose of giving up cigarettes, not as a hobby.

Choosing Your First Vape Kit

You have now established an understanding of the two different vaping styles, and should now be able to make an informative decision on what the best vape starter kit would be for you as someone who is new to vaping. 

Having recently quit smoking, you'll want to replicate the same effects that smoking gave you, but with less harmful risks that are associated with smoking. Meaning you'll be wanting a vape kit which is capable of MTL vaping. But there are several different kits out on the market today which can do this, and we will explain them in depth below. 

Understanding Different Types of Vape Kits

Pod Vape Kits - These vape kits have fast become the most popular device on the market and the preferred device of choice amongst vapers both new to vaping as well as more experienced vapers alike. 

Most pod vapes have simplistic design features such as refillable vape pods, normally with the coils already preinstalled in them, meaning you just dispose of the whole pod once the coil is burnt out.

A lot of the pod vape starter kits do not have the more advanced features such as adjustable wattage to get your head around, instead the technology inside the vape device does all the work and has a set wattage output based on what coil is used inside the pod. 

These devices are capable of mouth to lung vaping, and work well with 50/50 vape juice such as nicotine salts. We recommend either the Vaporesso Xros 3 or Argus P1 Pod vape as the perfect choice for beginners wanting to give vaping a try.

Vape Mods - These are devices which are larger than a standard pod vape kit, and are what more commonly associated with sub-ohm vaping. Mod is the name given to the vape device which normally has a large internal battery or some use external batteries to power the device. The vape tank then screws on the top of this and you can adjust the wattage to what is suitable for you. 

We have some vape mods available in our vape kit selection on EDGE. The Innokin Coolfire Z60 or the Aspire Zelos 3 are great vape mod kits suitable for those with vaping experience who may be looking for a more advanced kit. 

Exploring Pod Vapes as an Alternative for Disposable Vape Kits

A lot of people who are wanting to give vaping a go have admitted to using a disposable vape to give it a try. Disposable vape usage amongst adults in the UK has sky-rocketed over the last few years and has very much been the "in thing" within the vaping community. This is because they offer a simple and easy route into vaping, being ready to use straight out of the packaging with no need to refill with e-liquids or change pods or coils etc. 

However, it's not just adults that have been using disposable vapes, as alarming numbers of youths aged 11-17 year olds are frequently using the brightly coloured, rich tasting vaping devices which has ultimately turned the Prime Minister's hand to initiate a disposable vape ban in England.

This is in a bid to crack down on youth vaping numbers from rising any further, as well as protecting the environment from the harm that discarded disposables are causing, with millions entering landfill every week because they cannot be recycled, despite being made from plastic. 

Whilst offering a convenient entry into vaping, they are not the most cost-effective way to vape, with the average disposable costing around £6 and these can only last a frequent vaper for one day, as they only contain a small charged lithium-ion battery and anywhere from 1.2ml to 2ml of e-liquid, which is not a lot when you think about it. 

This is why we recommend skipping past disposables if you're about to start your vaping journey, or if you are a current disposable user, try and make the switch to a more cost-effective and sustainable way to vape such as a refillable pod system

The Aspire R1 is the perfect alternative to disposable vapes if you want to vape but do not want to change coils or pods around. Whilst this device is disposable, it's rechargeable as well as refillable and it is then disposed of once the maximum charges or refill amounts has been reached. 

Priced at only £6.99, this is penny's more than the cost of a disposable vape such as an Elf Bar, and you can reuse it multiple times, as well as being able to keep an eye on your vape juice levels as well as being able to top them out when you're running low. 

Considerations for Selecting the Best Vape Kit for Beginners

The majority of vape kits which are designed and marketed as a 'beginner vape' would be the ideal kit to get you started on your vaping journey. We would recommend picking something simple like the pod devices that we mentioned as they are simply and easy to use without any complicated settings to get your head round which can be off putting for a new vaper.

How To Inhale A Vape Properly

One of the most frequently asked questions by new vapers is: ‘how do I inhale my vape properly?’. While it may seem simple, you might be surprised by just how tricky it can be to master the perfect inhale – that goes for experienced vapers as well as beginners, there’s never any harm in honing your vaping technique.

Ensuring you get as satisfying, smooth and tasty vaping experience depends on a few different factors, including personal preference! Remember that if it isn’t broken, you probably don’t need to fix it – if you are comfortable with your technique, then you don’t need to overcomplicate things.

If however you are struggling to inhale your vape without coughing, or if you simply want to study-up on the different techniques people use, then read on as we explain. While everyone will have a slightly different approach based on their taste, there are two well established techniques for inhaling a vape properly; MTL vaping, and DTL vaping - however there is also a newer style which has emerged off the back of disposable vaping called RDL.

What Is MTL Vaping?

MTL stands for mouth-to-lung. It is the inhale style most similar to smoking a cigarette and therefore is one of the easiest to learn as a new vaper.


  • A familiar technique that will feel natural for recent ex-smokers
  • Can give a more intense flavour by holding the vapour in the mouth for longer
  • Can help prevent coughing when vaping high nicotine strengths


    • Can increase the risk of coughing when using High-VG devices
    • Does not typically allow you to blow large clouds

    How do I do it?

    1. Inhale gently using your vaping device (you may or may not need to press a button).
    2. Hold the vapour in your mouth for a second or two at most.
    3. Now inhale into your lungs, you do not need to hold the vapour again.
    4. Smoothly exhale.

    Try to be gentle in your following of the above steps. If you used to smoke a cigarette, try to apply the same principals when MTL vaping, and you will be able to inhale vapour without coughing in no time.

    What vaping devices suit MTL vaping?

    • 50-50 style devices with a coil rating of 1.0ohm or higher
    • This includes most pod systems like the EDGE GO and many open systems like the EDGE Pro or the OXVA Xlim Pro

    What E-Liquid suits MTL vaping?

    What is DTL Vaping?

    DTL stands for direct-to-lung. This technique is a little harder to master, and is better suited to high power devices designed for thick HVG juice.


    • Allows you to inhale more HVG vapour without coughing
    • Allows you exhale big clouds which can be handy for vape competitions
    • Lets you make the most of high-powered devices and HVG juice


    • Only suitable for lower nicotine strengths or becomes too harsh
    • Only suitable for larger high-power devices which are not ideal for beginners
    • Less natural feeling than MTL making it harder to adjust to for new vapers

    How do I do it?

    • Take one smooth deep inhale straight to your lungs.
    • Do not attempt to hold the vapour as this will make you cough.
    • Smoothly exhale the vapour cloud.
    • Allow for a breath between DTL puffs, it will help keep your chest clear.

    Just like MTL, don’t panic and inhale smoothly to avoid coughing. This technique is a little more specialised, and you can easily overwhelm yourself. Best practice is to slowly increase the length of your inhale and the amount of vapour you pull through until you get comfortable.

    What vaping devices suit DTL vaping?

    • 80-20/HVG type devices with a coil rating of 0.9ohm or below
    • This applies to many mods and pod-mods, however these are all called ‘sub-ohm’ vaping devices

    What E-Liquid suits DTL vaping?

    • Thick High-VG e-liquid also called ’70-30’ / ‘80-20’ / HVG
    • This includes 10ml HVG vape juice but also Short Fill too

    What is RDL Vaping?

    RDL stands for restricted-direct-lung. This technique is a relative newcomer to the vaping world and has been driven by the experience offered by disposable vapes like Elf Bar and Lost Mary.


    • Allows you to inhale more vapour without coughing - a middle ground between MTL and DTL.
    • Well suited to ex-disposable users looking for an alternative that offers the same open airflow experience.
    • Lets you make the most of nic salt e-liquids and lots of kits are now tailored to this experience.


    • despite being tailored towards nic salt users, many still prefer the MTL style inhale as it feels more natural.
    • some pod kist only offer RDL style pods meaning this style can exclude certain options when choosing a device you want to try.
    • Less natural feeling than MTL making it harder to adjust to for new vapers.

    How do I do it?

    • Take one smooth deep inhale straight to your lungs.
    • Smoothly exhale the vapour cloud.
    • Allow for a breath between puffs, it will help keep your chest clear.

    Just like MTL, don’t panic and inhale smoothly to avoid coughing. This technique is a little more specialised but becomes more natural a lot faster than DTL. Best practice is to slowly increase the length of your inhale and the amount of vapour you pull through until you get comfortable, choocing an RDL pod/coil can help with this a lot.

    What vaping devices suit RDL vaping?

    • 50-50 style pod kits with a sub-ohm rating. Despite tradition these are sub-ohm coils designed for 50-50 vape juice like the 0.7ohm VooPoo Argus pod.
    • This applies to many mods and pod-mods, however these are all called ‘sub-ohm’ vaping devices

    What E-Liquid suits RDL vaping?

    • Nic Salt vape juice is the best for this technique
    • low strength 50-50 e liquid can also be a good option fr this technique but it may cause coughing at higher strengths

    Nicotine Strength & Throat Hit

    Your chosen nicotine strength can play a major role in the ‘harshness’ of your inhale when vaping. Low strength products like 3mg or 6mg e-liquids are typically smoother, with 12mg and 18mg being incrementally harsher tasting respectively.

    Make sure you factor this in when considering your needs as a vaper, having a smooth drag is important, but your vaping journey will fail if you are not getting enough nicotine to satisfy your cravings. This is where Nic Salts can be particularly useful.

    Temperature Difference Vs Smoking

    One of the biggest differences when inhaling a vape is the temperature. Because vaping devices turn e-liquid into an aerosol by heating it up with a coil, it feels much cooler than hot cigarette smoke which burns at a much higher temperature.

    For some, that heat plays a role in why they enjoy the act of smoking as it contributes to the sensation of having a ‘satisfying drag’. If you find your vape isn’t as ‘harsh’ as you’d like, increasing your nicotine strength can help recreate the sensation, albeit not the heat.

    Take care not to go higher than what you are comfortable with, try to find a balance between the inhale experience you want and the craving satisfaction you need.

    Which Vaping Style is for Me?

    Your chosen device and e-liquid will make a big impact on the style that best suits you, but there are always exceptions to these guidelines, and it is entirely up to you to decide which technique you prefer - just be aware that straying too far outside of the norm when using either technique

    The important thing to remember when starting out, is to adjust for the differences between vaping and smoking, and be prepared to explore your options to find the perfect balance to master inhaling your vapour.

    If you are a brand-new vaper head over to our Switch with EDGE area to find out more and get your journey started right. If you already have your perfect combination of equipment, why not subscribe, and never run out of your favourite flavours.

    Transitioning from Smoking to Vaping

    Benefits of Vaping as an Alternative to Smoking

    "Vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking"

    That's not our words, that's a quote from Public Health England made in 2015. And this is a stance which has remained the same after studies compared the harm risk levels between vaping and smoking in 2022 and found that in the short and medium term, vaping poses a small fraction of the risks of smoking. 

    The risks involved with smoking are incredibly high, mostly down to the large volume of toxic chemicals that are produced from tobacco when lit and are then harboured in the cigarette smoke which is inhaled and ingested into the body. High levels of toxic chemicals such as tar and carbon monoxide are present within cigarette smoke which are leading contributors to contracting deadly diseases such as cancer, heart disease and lung disease. 

    With vaping, you are not burning anything meaning no smoke is created unlike a cigarette. Instead, the coil of your vaping, which acts as the heating element, heats up your vape liquid and turns it into vapour for you to inhale and exhale. 

    There is a significantly lower risk of exposure to harmful substances from vaping compared with smoking. Whilst some of the chemicals used in tobacco and cigarette production are present in some vape juices, the amount that is present is so miniscule compared to the volume that is found in cigarettes and tobacco, it is not considered harmful to health. 

    Choosing to make the switch to vaping will benefit you so much in many different areas of your lifestyle. Obviously your health will be improved once you quit smoking, but also choosing to vape is a significant money saver compared to what the cost of smoking is today in the UK. 

    The average 20 a day smoker can expect to spend over £80 a week just on cigarettes which is a staggering amount, and this amount will increase with the continual tax increases that are put on tobacco products every year as part of the UK Budget. 

    Vaping will not cost you anywhere near this amount as a weekly total, even if you are a frequent vaper. Buying 4 bottles of our incredible Bar Salts nicotine salt e liquids for just £10 will provide you with a good amount of vape juice which should last at least a week if not longer, less than the price of a pack of 20 cigarettes and lasts 7 times longer!

    Picking The Right Nicotine Strength That You're Vaping

    When you're new to vaping, working out what nicotine strength can be one of the things about vaping that you find more complex at first glance, but that's what this vape guide is all about, to make things as easy as possible and for you to learn more about vaping as we explain different nicotine strengths below. 

    You will want to use a nicotine strength that is equivalent to the amount of cigarettes you'd previously smoked previously, for example:

    • 6mg - This would be suitable if you smoked up to 10 cigarettes a day
    • 12mg - This would be suitable if you smoked up to 15 cigarettes a day
    • 18mg - This would be suitable if you smoked 20 or more cigarettes a day

    It's crucial that you get the nicotine strength of your vape juice correct if you want to successfully transition away from smoking as the amount of nicotine in your vape juice should curb the cravings for nicotine and satisfy your urges so that you're not tempted to go back to smoking again. 

    Steps to Make the Switch from Smoking to Vaping

    Making the switch from smoking to vaping can seem a daunting task, but it's absolutely an achievable task providing you have the right tools at your disposal from the get go. 

    Choosing the best vape kit that is suited to your needs is essential, as well as finding an e-liquid with the correct nicotine strength is just as important. By having both of these things right makes vaping a walk in the park, alongside the right amount of will power and determination to quit smoking for good!

    Exploring Vape Juice Options And Choosing The Best Vape Juice For You

    Understanding Different Vape Juices and Their Ingredients

    We've established an understanding about vape kits now and we now move onto delving into all about vape juices as there's different vape juices available from us here at EDGE vaping which accommodates to every vaping style that there is. The way you vape will determine which vape juice you have to use to ensure that you get the best experience of vaping possible. 

    If you're wanting to use pen style vape kits and get an authentic mouth to lung vaping experience, then there's two options available for you when it comes to e-liquids as we explain. 

    Freebase Nicotine E-Liquid - This is the original form of e-liquid which has been manufactured and used by vapers for over a decade since the inception of vaping. Using an equal 50/50 ratio of Vegetable Glycerine (VG) to Propylene Glycol (PG) combined with the freebase nicotine is what replicates the throat hit previously gotten from smoking cigarettes. 

    Nicotine Salt E-Liquid - This e-liquid differs from the above mentioned as it's made slightly differently to a standard vape juice. The way this is done is by adding a weakened acid to the nicotine and this then neutralises the pH levels of the nicotine which removes the normal harshness of the nicotine meaning a higher nicotine strength such as 20mg can be vaped without it stinging your throat. 

    The weak acid also enhances the flavour concentrates used in vape juice formulas, as well as helping the nicotine absorb into the bloodstream quicker, in a time that is very similar to what the nicotine from tobacco products absorbs in. 

    Choosing the Right Vape Juice for a Satisfying Vaping Experience

    Opting to use nic salts as your first vape juice when moving onto vaping could be beneficial to helping you quit smoking easier, as you'll be curbing your cravings for nicotine faster thanks to the fast absorption time of the nicotine salts.

    If you find nicotine salts are too overwhelming for you, then simply switch to using freebase nicotine vape juices instead, which will have a less intense nicotine hit. We would recommend grabbing yourself a bottle of each to try, as well as opting to use a vape kit like an MTL vape kit which is suitable for both of these types of e-liquids.

    Exploring Flavour Preferences in the World of Vaping

    Finding a flavour of e-liquid that you really like is an essential part on your vaping journey, because if you find an e-liquid flavour that you like, then you're going to want to continue to vape it and not be tempted to revert back to smoking cigarettes. 

    Many people when surveyed have admitted that they quit smoking as they do not enjoy the taste of tobacco and want to get as far away from it as possible, which flavoured vape juice can help in doing just that! Although, tobacco flavour e-liquids are just as popular as they were during the evolving stages of vaping when the only options were tobacco or mint/menthol flavours. 

    Whereas now, you're spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a vape juice flavour as there's pretty much a flavour for everybody's liking, browse our incredible collection of flavoured vape juices now to find the perfect one for you!

    Troubleshooting: 13 Beginner Vaping Mistakes and How to Fix Them

    While those new to vaping may feel overwhelmed or inundated with the sheer amount of information available, it’s not necessary to become an expert to start your vaping journey. Read on for our top tips for beginners, and how to fix some common vaping mistakes.

    1. Investing in either an extremely advanced or poor quality vape device

    Choosing the right starter device for you is an important first step to building an affinity with your new vaping device. Poor quality, disposable e-cigarettes often use outdated technology and give an inferior quality of experience that could end up putting you off vaping for life.

    Conversely, buying a sub-ohm box mod when you’re trying to make the initial switch from smoking could end up being an expensive and over-engineered device for your current needs.

    Choosing a user-friendly device is crucial to setting yourself up for success. Consider the EDGE Hybrid, which has been designed with user friendly features such as e-liquid pods which are quick and simple to change and a familiar crush-ball menthol filter tip. Browse our full range of vaping devices 

    2. Starting out with the wrong nicotine level 

    Starting with the right nicotine level is a key consideration for those looking to make a successful switch from smoking to vaping, as it’s essential that you don’t start with too little, or too much nicotine. Edge’s selection of pods and free pour e-liquids range from 18 mg for heavy smokers down to 6mg for those looking to reduce their nicotine content, and 3mg.

     A general estimation is that if you currently smoke 10 or more standard cigarettes a day, 18mg nicotine strength is probably the right choice for you. If you smoke 10 or fewer light variety cigarettes, you may find 12mg a better fit.

    We also carry a full range of nic salts, which can be a useful option if you are finding higher strength nicotine too harsh as it can deliver a smoother vaping experience. Our pods and free pour e-liquids range right down to 3mg for those looking to reduce their nicotine content over time.

    3. How to choose the right flavour and PG/VG ratio

    Choosing the right flavour may seem like a simple step, but to ensure that vape experiences remain a satisfactory smoking alternative, it’s important to pick the right flavour for you.

    Edge’s range of e-liquid includes traditional menthol and tobacco flavours in both pods and e-liquids, as well as blackcurrant and an assortment of floral, fruity, and dessert vape juice flavours for those looking for variety in their experience.

    PG/VG ratio simply refers to Proplylene Glycol, and Vegetable Glycerin, which make up the base of your e-liquids or pods. Both perform slightly different functions, with a higher PG liquid giving a satisfying throat hit much like tobacco cigarettes, while high VG liquids retain more moisture and produce larger clouds of vapour, perfect for sub-ohm vaping.

    4. Stopping smoking suddenly and without support

    Any significant lifestyle change will be more difficult without planning or support. Doing the research first to make sure that you’re choosing the right device, nicotine strengths and buying enough refills, is a step you can easily take to manage your switch.

    Feeling supported can also be a vital motivating factor so consider asking a trusted person to help keep you accountable. Simply being part of a community, whether on social media or in a group or forum, can make all the difference. Follow us on facebook to join the discussion:

    5. Being uninformed, or simply overwhelmed

    The wealth of information online regarding vaping can be confusing or overwhelming. While the unfamiliar can be scary, being informed is crucial when you’re making decisions which affect your lifestyle and health.

    We’ve curated our vaping hub to help give simple and clear advice on how to start your vaping journey, as we believe that vaping should be easily accessible to anyone looking to make the switch.

    6. Using an improper charging method 

    It’s extremely important to remember to always, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the correct charging cable and USB/plug socket when charging your e-cigarette; failing to do so could result in your device overheating which could create a fire risk or short the device’s battery if it lacks the proper safety controls.

    7. Believing that refilling a vape is too messy or fiddly to do

    Originally, the majority of electronic cigarettes were either entirely disposable or had to be manually re-filled which we refer to as being an open tank system. Our streamlined pod systems, available with GO and Hybrid models, can be swapped out with remarkable ease, making any drips, slips, or spills a thing of the past. Even our free pour device, the Edge PRO, has an external filling port, meaning that you never even have to open your tank to effortlessly fill your vape.

    8. Confusions surrounding changing the coil

    Changing the coil on your new vaping device may seem daunting which is why our patented coil systems use innovative design solutions to quell any worries you might have.

    Our Hybrid and GO models contain a coil in each pod, so you never have to worry about priming your coil or getting dry burn - you’ll automatically change the coil each time you change out your pod.

    The EDGE PRO, which does require the coil to be changed has a unique patented coil system that makes coil changes simpler than ever before. Read more about coil changing.

    9. Improper storage of your vape

    This is an issue that affects most first-time e-cigarette users. Exposing your vape to extremely hot or cold conditions or climates can affect the life of the product.

    Alternative vaping device brands require a user to remember to keep your vaporizer in the ‘off’ position when storing between uses.

    Fortunately EDGE devices are streamlined and buttonless in order to eliminate accidental activation of the device in a pocket or bag, meaning no more leaks. Always store your vape in a safe, dry place when out of use.

    10. Using a device with poor battery life

    We strive to ensure that our device batteries give long use between charging so you’re never without your vape when it’s needed.

    Starter kits like our pod-based GO model have a new and improved 450mAh built-in battery offering up to 30% more battery life than previous models, meaning the hard decisions are already made for you! Shop the GO!

    11. Not priming the coil when changing it

    Unsurprisingly, coil concerns feature twice on this list of common mistakes, as coils can be a technical part of the device that users don’t fully understand before purchasing a device.

    Priming may seem like an unexpected additional step in the coil change process, but rest assured, it is extremely simple. When you change a coil you should always allow it to prime, which refers to letting the internal wicking material in the coil absorb the e-liquid for at least 5-10 minutes before using it in order to prevent a dry hit that can hurt your throat.

    12. Running out of e-liquids, pods or cartridges

    In order to stick to your vaping routine make sure that you don’t get caught out without refills. For free pour devices, stock up on your favourite bottled flavours regularly. EDGE Hybrid pods are sold in packs of up to 5 and EDGE GO pods are sold in packs of 2 in order to make sure that you’re stocked up and prepared for success. 

    13. Not understanding proper vaping etiquette

    While vaping produces less waste products than smoking, it’s important to always dispose of your filter tips and pods safely, and, as with smoking, refrain from doing so in situations and places that could be considered an annoyance or offense. 

    If you are considering vaping for the first time but want to make sure you start your journey in the right way, follow the advice above or check out our guide, How to Vape Properly to learn everything you need to know to get going in one easy place.


    We hope that this handy guide has been helpful to you as you embark on your vaping journey. Be sure to check out our other blogs and FAQ's relating to everything vaping and make the switch from smoking to vaping today!