Is Vaping Expensive?

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Is Vaping Expensive?

At EDGE, we believe that quality vaping products should be available to anyone who wants to make the journey to living smoke-free. We never compromise on ingredients or product engineering, quite simply because we don’t have to.

Our Stockport-based EDGE manufacturing site is the largest vaping specific facility in Europe which gives us our distinctive ‘edge’ in the market. With our optimised UK-based manufacturing processes, we produce safe, quality e-liquids to our customers for less. ]

We’re committed to delivering savings directly to our customers, which can really add up over time.

Our best-selling EDGE GO is an accessibly priced starter device at £10 - less than the average 20 pack of cigarettes.

The GO is ideal for new users thanks to its ergonomic, compact design and simple operation. Working on a pod system, with embedded coils, the EDGE GO really lives up to its name.

Simply pop in a pod to start vaping and when you’re ready for the next one simply lift and replace. The replacement pods come in packs of two, so you’ll always have a spare ready to keep you vaping.

The hassle-free nature of our pods makes the EDGE GO a simple start to the vaping journey for quitters, and £2.00 per pod you can start reaping the rewards immediately! 

The EDGE PRO is a device for users more comfortable with vaping and makes an ideal next step for users who are comfortable with the GO and want to keep exploring flavours and accelerate their savings on liquids.

The PRO is a free-pour device which is topped up by pouring e-liquid through an external refill port straight into the device tank. The key benefit of free-pour refill is that you can explore our wide range of award-winning bottled flavours.

As well as keeping your tastebuds satisfied, our bottled blends outstrip even the GO in cost per ml, giving you maximum flavour with maximum savings.