A Guide to What is in Vape Liquid

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A Guide to What is in Vape Liquid

E-liquid, vape liquid, juice or oil – whatever name you call it by, if you’re going to vape it’s well worth understanding what exactly is in the bottle you just purchased. Knowing what makes a rigorously tested, premium product like EDGE can help you work out whether you are making the right decision at the checkout as well as ensure you are only ever buying e-liquid of the very finest quality.

What Goes Into EDGE E-Liquid?

At EDGE we pride ourselves on producing only the very best of British E-Liquid; our products are full tested for compliance and safety and are made using only the highest quality ingredients. Read on to learn what these ingredients are and how they contribute to a delicious bottle of the UK’s No1 e-liquid*.
*Nielsen (2023) – Total UK Unit Sales

E-liquid typically contains 4 primary ingredients: PG, VG, nicotine & flavouring:

Propylene Glycol (PG)
  • PG is a clear, tasteless and colourless base material used in many common products including inhalers.
  • PG is used in e-liquids as it is a very effective carrier for flavourings and also nicotine, allowing them to be vaped effectively.
  • PG is thinner in consistency than VG and produces far less vapour.

Vegetable Glycerol (VG)

  • VG is a clear, slightly sweet and colourless base material that is used in a massive range of products from food to hand sanitiser.
  • VG is perfect for e-liquids as it helps to create the clouds people know and love, or love to hate. This increased volume of vapour also allows for more flavouring to be inhaled for a bigger, bolder vaping experience.
  • VG is very thick in its consistency and produces massive vape clouds.
  • In order for an e-liquid to function effectively a balance of VG and PG must be used as VG is not an effective carrier like PG. 80-20 or HVG juices however utilise a much higher volume of VG, ideal for use in sub-ohm devices with a coil rating of less than 1. Due to their lower PG content however, these juices are typically lower in nicotine strength.

Freebase Nicotine

  • This is the most common type of nicotine used in e-liquids. It is called “freebase” as the nicotine itself is suspended in a base material like PG or VG, however PG is far more common due to its superior properties as a carrier.
  • Our Nicotine is suspended in PG at 7.2%, this allows us to easily blend it into our e-liquids to create the various strengths we offer.

Nic Salts

  • Nic salts are a more recent addition to the vaping world. They work in the same way as freebase nicotine, however during their manufacture, the nicotine is combined with one of a variety of potential “salt acids”. While that might sound a little odd, the result is a nicotine that is smooth on the throat and less harsh in taste even at very high strengths like 18 & 20mg.
  • Nic salts are also able to pass through the blood brain barrier much more efficiently, delivering deep, lasting satisfaction far faster and for far longer than is offered by freebase.
  • EDGE nic salts utilise Nicotine Lactate, which our trials found to deliver unmatched satisfaction, flavour and overall user experience. Some other common nic salt varieties include: Nicotine Benzoate, Nicotine Ditartrate & Nicotine Levulinate.
  • Check out our blog section for more information about Nic salt e-liquids!


  • Flavourings are what truly bring an e-liquid to life and they come in near limitless varieties. These can then be blended together again to create even more rich and diverse flavour profiles for you to enjoy.
  • E-liquid flavourings are usually suspended in a base consisting primarily of PG due to it’s properties as a carrier. The PG allows the flavourings to be properly blended alongside VG to create the finished product.
  • EDGE flavourings are all rigorously tested for safety and compliance, coming from only reputable suppliers whom we regularly audit to ensure they meet our standards and those of our customers. All our flavours are food-grade and have been specifically designed for use in e-liquids for your total satisfaction.
These key ingredients form the backbone of all our products here at EDGE, blended to perfection, following our tried and tested recipes. We never add anything else: no water, artificial colours, or additives like caffeine will ever appear in our products.

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