EDGE Best Practice Series: Which is The Best Vape Coil for Me?

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EDGE Best Practice Series: Which is The Best Vape Coil for Me?

Coils can be a confusing subject at times, even for experienced vapers. This goes double for newcomers – there is a lot of jargon associated with, and varieties of coil available for vaping devices.

Most devices have coils designed to work specifically with your chosen model, which makes working out which to choose a little easier. Even in these cases however, it is common for devices to have different varieties of compatible coils available. Each type will have a different ‘ohm’ rating, metal type, and will be suited for different power settings, optimised for specific types of e-liquid – there’s a lot to think about.

Coils are a vital part of any e-cigarette, and are one of the few parts that require regular replacement by the user. Different combinations of coils and e-liquids create different vaping experiences that must be tailored to your own needs & preferences, below we have broken down everything you need to know.

Understanding your coil

Coils come in many shapes and sizes, however at their core they are a metallic wire, tightly wound around a wicking material like cotton or even bamboo fibre. An electrical current is passed through the coil from the device battery which heats the coil up and turns the e-liquid, which has soaked into the wicking material, into an aerosol or “vapour” which is then inhaled by the user.

Some coils screw into place, others may be push-fit, however, this ultimately will not impact the way they work and is determined by the design of your chosen device. Different metals are used to make the coil wire depending on their intended use - for example, higher powered devices will often use coils made of metals which perform better at higher temperatures, improving their lifespan.

What metals are vape coils made from?

Manufacturers use different metal alloys when making the wire for their vape coils to achieve better performance at different power ranges. Choosing a metal that performs best at a given temperature will result in a more consistent and enjoyable vaping experience that balances flavour and vapour deliver against lifespan.

Kanthal, Nichrome (Nickel-Chrome alloy)

Typically used in standard coils for devices that work to a pre-set power such as in pod devices.

Titanium, Nickel

Often used in devices that have variable wattage or temperature controls most common amongst sub-ohm (see what are Ohms?) For more information) devices intended for HVG e-liquid. They require more power to heat but offer the durability needed for fine-tuning your vaping experience even at higher wattage.

Stainless Steel (SS)

SS coils are very multi-functional due to the versatility of stainless steel when handling varying temperatures and power outputs. While not the most refined for tailoring your vaping experience, they are dependable all-rounders.

What are Ohms?

Coils have a rating given in ohms (a unit of electrical resistance). The ohm rating determines how much power is needed to use the device properly to make the most of your chosen e-liquid. Contrary to logic - the higher the ohm or resistance rating of a coil, the less power is required to heat it.

The coil’s resistance is determined by the diameter and gauge of the wire. The gauge represents the number of times the wire is wrapped to produce the coil. The higher the gauge of the wire, the thinner it is. Higher resistance coils tend to have a higher gauge.

The resistance of your coil will almost always be written on the coil itself or its packaging along with a recommended wattage for you to use as a guide when optimising your experience - straying too far outside these guidelines will impact the lifespan of your coil.

HVG e-liquids are best suited to high powered devices using sub-ohm coils - this means they will have an ohm rating of 0.9 or below. 50/50 e-liquids are best suited to lower powered devices running coils with a resistance rating of 1.0ohm or above, like EDGE Pro coils.

How Do I Choose the Best E-Liquid and Device For Me?

Now you have a better understanding about coils, the next step (if you haven’t already) is choosing a device that best meets your needs, and of course deciding on an e-liquid to fill it up with!

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