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The e-cig vape battery is one of the most important sections of your e-cigarette. Vape batteries work by heating the coil inside the e-cig to turn the e-liquid into vapour and come in a range of capacities and types.

EDGE hardware has been designed to the highest standards and thoroughly tested to make sure we provide the best possible kit to help you on your vaping journey. Ideal for use with our own cartomisers and clearomisers, you can be sure that these e cig batteries won't let you down.


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Looking for a replacement E Cigarette Battery?

Your e cig battery is the power supply for your vaping device, and over time, these vape batteries can degrade or become lost. Luckily, at EDGE we sell our e cig batteries individually at a very low price. To use a new battery, simply charge it using the USB charger, and screw in your tank, clearomiser or cartomiser.

More often than not, thanks to the value many people often buy a second battery to carry around with them just in case they find themselves out and about a lot longer than they expected – or simply to avoid the risk of running out of juice and being tempted to buy traditional cigarettes. We also sell spare chargers for your e cig batteries, which allows you to charge your device from a wall socket, laptop, or anything else with a chargeable USB socket. So if the battery for your vape device isn’t delivering the power it was once capable of, why not treat yourself to a new e cigarette battery?

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