EDGE Best Practice Series: Which is The Best Vaping Device for Me?

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EDGE Best Practice Series: Which is The Best Vaping Device for Me?

When starting out on your vaping journey, there are a number of things to consider when deciding which tools will best serve your needs. Combining the right device, coil and e-liquid are very important when it comes to making your vaping journey a successful one.

This is often easier said than done however, with a staggering amount of choice out there it’s difficult to know what to choose. Not to mention the varied jargon that comes with vaping, which can make it challenging to understand our options.

This first edition of the EDGE Best Practice series will introduce you to the most common device types you are likely to see when browsing your options. By understanding their basic principals and properties, you can make a more informed choice about how to start your journey in a way that works for you.

Consider your lifestyle

Your lifestyle is a major factor in determining the best device for your needs. Those with an active routine involving regular travel for example may prefer smaller, more compact pod-style devices over some of the bulkier alternatives. Combining these defining factors will instantly narrow your options and help refine your decision, as well as increase the chance of it being a successful one.

What Vaping Device Should I choose?

There are a vast number of devices available for you to choose from and your success in vaping can depend on making the right choice. There are simply too many individual models out there to break it down concisely by device.

 However, despite the variety, most vaping devices fall within one of a handful of categories which we will detail below, all of which can be found in many of your local retailers and vape outlets:

What is an All-in-One (AIO) Vaping Device?

  • AIO devices, also known as “pen style” devices, they feature a battery and a tank in one complete unit rather than as interchangeable parts, like the EDGE Pro.
  • While not the smallest available, most AIO devices are compact and pocket friendly.
  • They offer a varied mix of features between kits, but typically won’t have variable wattage as a standard.
  • Some more advanced kits may offer a variety of coils with different ohm ratings, AIO’s typically have one compatible variety only, which appeals to those new to vaping.
  • AIO devices are more often designed to work best with 50-50 style e-liquids and produce lower vapour than more powerful options.

What is a Pod Vaping Device?

  • Pod devices are the most discreet and compact option available today and have become very popular in recent years.
  • Featuring either disposable or refillable pods rather than tanks, they are specifically designed to reduce user interaction and make the vaping experience as efficient and streamlined as possible.
  • Some devices feature buttonless activation like the EDGE GO, which means the user can simply inhale using the device which automatically activates the battery and heats the coil.
  • Convenience, portability, simplicity, and discretion are at the core of a pod devices intent.
  • Highly suitable for new vapers, and those with busy lifestyles and even those looking for a secondary low-maintenance alternative to their other device.
  • Pod devices can have variable output but most commonly pair with 50-50 style e-liquids and produce less vapour.

What is a Mod Vaping Device?

  • Mods are larger, high-powered devices that can be combined with different tanks.
  • They can feature either internal or externally-charged batteries and often come with the widest range of customisable features like variable wattage.
  • Some devices can be connected to a computer, allowing the user to fully customise their settings at a granular level to create the ultimate output for their preferences.
  • Mods are commonly favoured by experienced/hobbyist vapers over beginners, owing to the more involved and often complex user interface offered.
  • Mod devices are most commonly paired with tanks that use sub-ohm coils (rated 0.9ohms or less) and are designed to work best with thicker High-VG e-liquids, producing bigger clouds of vapour.

What is a Pod Mod Vaping Device?

  • Risen to great popularity, pod-mods offer a hybridisation of elements offered by pods and mods alike.
  • Often larger in size than traditional pod devices, and with increased power output, pod-mods still utilise a refillable pod with multiple coil varieties available.
  • To compliment this, they also feature the customisation options expected from a traditional mod device, allowing for a far greater level of user interaction and refinement than is offered by pods, in conjunction with the convenience and simplicity offered by a pod over a tank.
  • While they are quite versatile, Pod Mod devices are most often paired with thicker High-VG e-liquid and produce bigger clouds of vapour than smaller, more basic pod systems.

What are Cartomisers?

  • Cartomisers or “cigalike” devices feature a very small battery and a pre-filled, disposable cartridge of e-liquid with an intrinsic coil like the EDGE Cartomiser range.
  • Often taking the appearance of an actual cigarette, they commonly feature glowing LED tips that simulate the appearance of a lit cigarette when inhaling.
  • Compared to other devices, Cartomisers can be considered basic, but their uber-compact design and discreet appearance have continued to make them a sought-after choice, despite their relative age and recent decline in popularity.
  • These devices come exclusively filled with 50-50 style e-liquid and produce a minimal amount of vapour.

How Do I Choose the Best E-Liquid and Coil for My Vape?

If you now have a better idea about the type of device you want to choose, the next step is ensuring you are using an appropriate coil, paired with the right e-liquid for your needs.

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