The UK Cities Biggest on Vaping

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The UK Cities Biggest on Vaping

Since 2013, the recorded number of UK adults who vape has remained mostly unchanged, and recent studies by Smoking England have indicated that the use of e-cigarettes amongst long-term ex-smokers has increased.

Consistently searching for a term is generally a great indication of a population’s interest and intent to engage in a particular habit, but additional data in related terms is a more accurate representation of what an individual is looking for.

At EDGE Vaping, we have used Google data to reveal the UK cities whose populations have the most interest in vaping, collating the latest data to highlight hotspots in the nation.

The surprising results point to a recurring interest in a select number of cities, while highlighting the wide geographic spread that vaping has in the UK. Take a look at the revealing data below.

Top vaping cities

We first looked at the UK’s hotspots for interest of the search terms “vape” and “vaping” to paint a picture of how widespread the attraction of vaping is among cities. At the top of the leaderboard sits Stoke-on-Trent, which blew the rest of the UK’s cities away in their interest for the search terms above.

Second to Stoke in searching for “vape” and “vaping” came the port city of Plymouth, showing a strong heatmap of searches for vaping. Plymouth is a recurring frontrunner for one of the UK’s biggest vaping cities and, as you will see further down, the south coast is also well represented.

There is growing interest for vaping search terms in the Cumbrian city of Carlisle - which also reappears for other vaping-related searches that we will explore below. Carlisle is closely followed by Bradford and then another West Midlands city, Worcester, highlighting how widespread the UK’s adults are in showing vaping interest.

The top vaping counties

To gain a better understanding of interest in vaping, the team at EDGE Vaping analysed the search volume for “vapes”. Wolverhampton, located in the West Midlands, surpassed any other UK city for this term.

Analysing the latest search trends data for “vape shop” revealed that two south coast cities have the most interest in buying vape devices. Portsmouth has the most search results for “vape shop” - even with a population of only 21,000. Plymouth is again the second spot for vaping interest, relating directly to “shopping” terms. The results indicate the demand for vape shops on the south coast is high, but this trend does not continue for terms that don’t include “vape”.

Relevant Non-Vaping Searches

Interest in vaping is not only reflected in searches where “vape” is included. The UK shows high searches for “electronic cigarette”, for which three UK cities have the highest interest.

The leading city - Carlisle - cements itself as a vaping hotspot once again, only succeeded by Bradford.

One non-English city is present

Only one top vaping city lies outside England - and it’s a surprising one. Bangor shows that electronic cigarettes have popularity in Wales too.

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