Should I worry about Fire Risk if I vape indoors?

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Should I worry about Fire Risk if I vape indoors?

Smoking is the largest cause of domestic fire fatalities. Vaping relies on atomisation rather than combustion, so the level of fire risk from vaping is rare compared to traditional smoking materials.

There is a small level of fire risk due to the electrical elements in vaping devices, but by paying attention to safe charging practices this risk can be lowered to that of a mobile phone.

Cigarettes are the leading cause of fatalities from domestic house fires and Fire Rescue Services agree that the most effective method of combating this is to support smokers to quit. The burning end of a cigarette can reach 775℃ even when the smoker is not drawing on it.

When cigarettes or matches fall onto cushions, chairs and other flammable materials, they can smoulder and burst into uncontrollable fires. In a three year period from 2013 to 2016, there were over 160,000 smoking related fires in the UK. In the same period over 99.9% fewer fires were caused by e-cigarettes.

Fires attributed to e-cigarettes are mainly caused by malfunctions or when charging precautions are ignored. You should always charge your device in a clearly visible location and not leave it unattended. Only use the charging cable supplied with the device and do not leave it charging on combustible or heat damaged surfaces, such as carpets or cushions.

It is also important to remember not to charge your device overnight. Although there is a small fire risk created by the electrical elements, the lack of an open flame makes e-cigarettes much less of a fire hazard than cigarettes.

All EDGE devices are designed with safety in mind. The Over Charge Protection on all EDGE devices automatically stops them from accepting charge once they have reached maximum capacity. However, it is still important to use safe battery charging methods.

The EDGE HYBRID has Temperature Protection built in, which stops the battery from operating if there is ever a risk of overheating and the EDGE GO has a power unit low enough for this not to be a risk. With Short Circuit Protection and Overtime Protection, which automatically switches the battery off after continuous inhalation of a certain length, all our devices are built to protect users from fires caused by electrical elements.

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