EDGE Toxicology: The Science of Success

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EDGE Toxicology: The Science of Success

At EDGE, we hold quality and safety above all else, striving constantly to ensure our products are fully compliant and provide our customers with a truly premium vaping experience.

Under TPD regulations, all vape liquids in the UK/EU must undergo strict toxicological analysis before being approved for sale; a key part of this involves testing for the key carbonyl compounds typically found in vape emissions. These carbonyl compounds are also found in traditional cigarette smoke but at far higher levels and alongside other harmful by-products such as tar, which are not found in e-cigarette vapour at all. In fact, measuring these carbonyls has played a major role in highlighting just how much less harmful vaping is when compared to smoking.

While all liquids must be tested to ensure they do not exceed safe levels, a lack of officially defined parameters for what a ‘safe level’ actually is makes it difficult to ensure all vape liquids meet the same safety standards, even if they are technically compliant.

As the UK’s No.1 vape liquid brand*, we have taken significant steps to determine what these safe levels are and prove that we don’t just meet the legal requirements, we exceed them by significant measure. In 2017 and again in 2020, we commissioned independent toxicology consultants BIBRA to conduct a detailed study with the aim of establishing tolerance levels for each carbonyl, allowing us to effectively judge how EDGE performs and even draw comparisons with other leading vape liquids.

The Results

The key carbonyls assessed in-line with TPD expectations are:

  • Formaldehyde
  • Acetaldehyde
  • Crotonaldehyde
  • Acrolein

These carbonyls are simply by-products that can be produced when a vape liquid is heated. The TPD enforces that all vape liquids are tested for these emissions before they can be registered with the MHRA.

Based on their knowledge of how these carbonyls interact with the human body, BIBRA established concrete safety thresholds for each to accurately measure our emissions and identify just how clean EDGE products are.

As anticipated, all EDGE vape liquids not only met the required standards but actually under-indexed, with carbonyl levels found to be greatly below the limit of quantification, if detected at all.


  • Formaldehyde levels were 95% lower on average than the BIBRA Health Critical Values – over 50% of the individual EDGE flavours tested were below the limit of quantification
  • Acetaldehyde levels were found on average to be 99.28% lower than BIBRA Health Critical Values
  • Acrolein levels were either below the limit of quantification or not detected at all
  • Crotonaldehyde levels were either below the limit of quantification or not detected at all
  • Overall, EDGE vaping products contains 98.81% less harmful chemicals than traditional cigarettes**


The results demonstrate that EDGE products are among the cleanest in the industry, offering you satisfaction with significant peace of mind.


How Do We Achieve This?

ISO Certified

  • 65,000 sq. ft headquarters audited to GMP standards.
  • Bespoke ISO class-7 clean facility.
  • ISO 9001 Certified.

Premium Ingredients

  • EP/USP pharmaceutical grade nicotine, PG and VG.
  • Premium UK flavours sourced from trusted suppliers.
  • High purity CBD isolate with 0% THC content.
  • Full traceability on all raw materials.

Fully Compliant

  • As paragons of best practice, our regulatory team work tirelessly to ensure total compliance with all contemporary and proposed legislature.
  • All aspects of our products are rigorously tested to ensure every bottle is of the highest standards, with fully implemented quality management and HACCP systems.

Analytical Capability

  • State-of-the-art analytical laboratory operated by skilled technical professionals.
  • Full batch testing and extensive analytical capability for finished goods and raw materials including both nicotine and CBD; delivering consistent quality for an unmatched vaping experience.


Still Not Convinced?

For more information about emissions testing and our TPD compliance process, click here.


Explore the comprehensive EDGE range today and experience our quality for yourself.



*Nielsen (July, 2020) - Total UK Unit Sales

**This does not necessarily equal a 98.81% reduction in risk